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Muddy River: First-Generation Farmers using Organic Practices

About four years ago we found this local farm that was just starting up at the farmer's market. They use organic practices and are super friendly! We have supported them ever since - which means buying from the market (depending on the season) or heading to their open-year-round farm stand as a first option before heading to the grocery stores!

Here my hubby is checking out at the farmstand - look at all that fresh produce! From herbs to edible flowers, they do such a great job.

Look how pretty the edible flowers are that the farmer's grow. A whole variety to top on salads or garnish with!


Their radishes are so tasty. I like to eat them with a homemade compound butter! (post coming soon) We also enjoy their variety of lettuces (my favorite is butterhead), many types of peppers, carrots, and so much more. They offer a CSA, and it's been exciting to see how much they've grown in such a short amount of time.

Here's are pictures of their puppies. They're friendly, but thank the Lord for the ability to even snap these pics (iykyk)!

Do you know your farmer? Tell me in the comments. Follow me so you don't miss when I visit and story their gardens!

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