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Low Oxalate Quiche

Updated: Feb 16

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It's really hard to mess up a quiche, and I've been making them for so long, a lot of the proportions just get eyeballed. This quiche was a little different in that I made raw ice cream first, which meant I had a ton of egg whites on hand. Typically, I freeze the whites and give them to my dad as a "gift" to make angel food cake when I go back home (really a gift for me, haha)! But, I opted to use them in this since they were handy and fresh. I didn't want an all-egg-white quiche, so I added a few more whole eggs. Typically, I only use whole eggs when making quiche. Anyways, it's a great way to have a protein packed breakfast on hand, and even quicker with leftovers.

Here's how I made it:

  • 8 pieces of leftover (cooked) bacon

  • 1 half red bell pepper - I bought this the night before and misunderstood the store signs, I thought it was 2.99/pound...turns out it was $2.99 each! I made sure to use it right away so it didn't go bad, haha. Have you ever been there?!

  • Manchego cheese - I shredded about 1 cup and layered it on top

  • Fermented white pepper - a couple twists of the grinder

  • Salt - two pinches (affiliate code: SB10)

  • Heavy cream - I typically use milk, but I had ~1/4 cup leftover from the ice cream making as well, so I just used it since it was readily available. Plus, it helped to have a little more fat since it didn't have as many yolks as usual

  • Pullet egg whites (8) + pullet eggs (3) - new post on my favorite pullet eggs coming soon!

  • Flowering hyssop thyme - a pinch

  • Cayenne - a dash


  • Whisk the eggs & whites with spices (cayenne, salt, thyme) + heavy cream

  • Place bacon & bell pepper in bottom of dish

  • Pour egg mix on top

  • Top with cheese

  • Bake at 350 convection for approximately 35 minutes (it usually puffs up when cooking before it falls, then I can insert a fork in the middle coming out clean)

It was SO tasty! It was big enough that we were able to enjoy it for breakfast for a couple days. What's your favorite quiche ingredient? Tell me in the comments! If you wanna check out my real-time stories making fun things like this, check me out on Instagram, @satiatedblonde. I follow the low oxalate list from @sknorton. As always, #GetSatiated.

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