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Fast and Flavorful: Kung Pao Beef on Your Dinner Table in Minutes

completeed kung pao with rice noodles, topped with radishes and green onions

This is my number one go-to meal of the year! With the right shopping list, you can have dinner ready in minutes, with plenty of leftovers. It's quick, delicious, and the store-bought sauce has surprisingly straightforward ingredients.

Here's what I use:

  • Grass-fed beef - we found a great pre-cooked option at Costco for quick meals

  • Kung Pao sauce - Whole Foods' 365 house brand has a VERY affordable organic sauce

  • Rice ramen noodles, or my fave rice (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)

  • Radishes + green onions for toppings (from the farmers market if it's in season!)

How I do it:

  • Once I make the rice I like to fry it up a bit in a pan with some tallow to try and get it crispy (or reheat if making it with leftover rice - doing so makes the dish even faster!). I skip this step if I'm using rice ramen noodles.

  • I carefully slice the pre-cooked (sous vide) grass-fed beef into smaller sections. This makes it easier to eat and the larger surface area means more sauce coating (yum!). I add them in a pan with some fat as well (tallow, lard, duck fat, etc...).

  • Once the meat has been seared (sometimes I skip this step if I'm really hungry), I add in the organic Kung Pao sauce straight into the skillet. I use the whole jar and add a little water to the bottle and shake it up to get as many of the last drops out of it out as I can!

  • Lastly, I let the sauce reduce down some (to thicken it up and soak into the meat), and it's ready in about 20 minutes!

Below you can see me adding the sauce and reheating/browning the rice.

adding sauce to meat

And that's it: Kung Pao Beef for dinner! It's super simple, but tastes like it took a long time to make! My homemade sauce never ending up tasting as good as this, so as much as I like making things from scratch, this one is so much easier and tastier! There is some soy in the sauce which I personally limit, but it is organic. Here's a pic from me going back for seconds:

completed dish

Tell me in the comments if you give this a try (or make your own version of it)! Catch me making this in my stories here.

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