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Bible Studies & More

Believe it or not, in my adult life, I had never done a Bible study until recently. I came across The Daily Grace Co and the studies they offer make it so accessible and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve been working my way through a couple of them now:

- Preaching The Gospel To Yourself

- Emotions And the Heart

- Grace In The Wilderness

I’m looking forward to starting their Psalms studies soon as well.

Not only do they have Bible studies, they have great mugs, tee shirts, gel highlighters (these are SO cool), and more! It’s a great place for gifts, too! I enjoy drinking my coffee out of my ‘Give Me Jesus’ mug in the mornings. Such a great reminder for me to stop, pray, and be thankful.

Oh, and they have a podcast. It’s like a one-stop-shop!

Planning on doing one of their studies (or have you done one already)? Let me know which one in the comments. #getsatiated

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