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Kitchen Blunders & Herbal Guidance

I don't know about you, but I LOVE learning new things, whatever they might be. I have quite few hobbies, if you haven't noticed, haha! One of them is cooking. Well actually, I think I have one of those love hate relationships with cooking! Really, I have no excuse to not be great in the kitchen...except I decided to learn too late. My dad has been an Executive Chef as long as I have been alive (which will be +1 year verrrry soon here)! Anyways, I love experimenting, whether that was in college chemistry class, or by trying out new exercise adventures (most recently, SUP'ing!), or making up recipes. Honestly, it is very hard for me to follow even a straightforward recipe. Sometimes I take ingredients out (which as I am learning, typically does not end well hahaha), but mostly I add things...sometimes lots of things!!! I just cannot help myself. Once in awhile it works out, but most of the time I just get too excited and go overboard.

I'm sure you're aware of my spoon-in-the-blender-one-too-many-times mishap recently. Some of my other kitchen blunders?

Well, one day I thought I was cooking plain old hamburgers. The tops and bottoms were getting so black but the sides were turning pinker. It didn't make sense. I just couldn't understand what was happening! A few tears and finding out later, I was actually cooking filet mignon wrapped in BACON! ahhhh!!!!

Orrrr, the time in graduate school (when I still ate pasta)...I was making tuna noodle casserole (a favorite of mine growing up). Turns out, you actually have to cook the noodles BEFORE you put them in the oven. Yah, I couldn't believe it either.

Anyone love meatloaf? It's one of my mom's specialties. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal of meatloaf accompanied with mashed potatoes in grass fed butter and a whole bunch of broccoli!!! Well...I am hyperconscious about food poisoning. I got it (at least once) and it's horrible. Maybe I'll be sharing that story someday! Haha. Anyways, I am a stickler for using meat thermometers. I was checking the temperature and just like the burgers, it kept getting black and I couldn't understand why it hadn't reached the temperature yet when it was clearly done. Butttttt, because I need to see that number I left it in. I know, I know, but my website does have "blonde" in it, right? That's for a reason...oh man, I can laugh about all of this now in hindsight. So, it turns out, there is actually a little sensor in the thermometer that you have to put all the way into the food you are temping (a little notch I never knew existed...I'm guessing there's a name for this, does anyone know?!). Anyways, I had a charcoaled block of inedible meat.

I have many more stories like this.

Another one of my hobbies is finding out things to add in for optimal health. I cam across Kami McBride and fell in love with how she used herbs in the kitchen! She has a great book (The Herbal Kitchen) that I refer to often, with lots of videos and online courses. She is a great resource, sometimes she will even broadcast nature walks she goes on! Kami has a new course launching in July called Unlock the Secrets of Your Spice Rack, and I cannot wait to check it out. She has free educational videos as well as an online training: Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions (available soon). You can enroll now and check out the other great resources she has on her site. One of my favorite recipes (although it is really hard to pick one!) is the Happy Tummy Honey.

I hope you join me in her new series. I cannot wait for more recipes!!!

Do you have any crazy kitchen disasters? Share with me! #GetSatiated

And, stay tuned for more videos added here as they become available this month!

*UPDATE: Here is a new video as of 7/13!

*UPDATE: New Video added 7/17!

*WANNA TAKE HER CLASS? Available as of: 7/20

*BUY it here!

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