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Luxury from the Inside Out: All You Need to Know About Silk Undergarments

holding up champagne bralette and ivory camisole before washing

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To be honest, this is probably NOT all you need to know, but it's what I have to share about with you! As you may be aware, I am not a bra fan. But sometimes, one is needed. A lot of bras are made from materials I do not prefer to have up against my skin for hours and hours. You can read more about my transition to natural fabrics here, here and here. I found these silk undergarments and wanted to give them a try! I tried out some bras and a camisole.

Silk Bras

The triangle bralettes come in many colors including: champagne, white, black, pink, rose violet, and turkish blue. I got one in champagne and another in white and tried them in two different sizes. They both work well, but find in the bigger size, the straps tend to fall off my shoulders really easily, so I have to readjust the straps each time I wear it (but it's no big deal). They have some stretch, with a hook and eye closure (like a typical bra), but no wires and no padding (which are all plusses to me!). To have it in a fun, darker color, I also tried the turkish blue. Next, I want to try and add the pink or black to my rotation!

Turkish Blue Silk Triangle Bralette - The real color is very close to what's shown on the product page. It's beautiful! One thing to note, and not sure why this is, but I have worn this one the least and a seam has started coming apart. It is still wearable, though!

Silk Camisole

Ivory silk camisole, - It's made from100% mulberry silk and also comes in black, rosy pink, and white. I'd actually like this to have a little more stretch so it would be easier to pull over my head, but once it's on, it fits great! It's see through, not sure if the other colors would be as well, but I wasn't planning on wearing it on its own, anyway!

Silk Care

I've washed these several times (all bralettes and camisole) and although they get a bit wrinkly, it tends to straighten out with my body heat. How I wash them: quickly, in cool water, and use shampoo (not regular laundry detergent). I did some research before washing these and something came up about how we want to wash it in something meant to wash protein, like our hair, so I just use my shampoo! Before I did this, though, I purchased a bunch of very common specialty products to wash silks and wools in (and a stain stick) and well, it ended up being a total loss because they had a recall and I could not get a definitive answer from the website I ordered from OR from the company directly, so that was a little disappointing, but also, the ingredients didn't really pass my test, I just needed something to safely wash my silks and the like in, so I'm glad I found out about the shampoo!

Hope you enjoyed reading about these silks! However, if silk isn't for you, check out these organic options! Stay in the loop with me on socials.

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