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Barefoot, Braless, & Blonde

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

As always, this is my n=1, just my experience and my thoughts.

I haven't regularly worn a bra in over three years. Same with high heels. However, if there is a special occasion, I may find myself in both of these items and about an hour later, I truly regret it and end up barefoot and braless (and always blonde; except that one time). I can't make it more than two hours. I plan for back up outfits when I go to weddings. Seriously, I have a pair of fold up shoes in a cute decorated bag my mother in law made for me.

I do prefer to not wear shoes... or socks for that matter (just when I'm chilly). I like feeling the ground beneath my feet. Shoe shopping is tough. I prefer no heel lift and the shoes have to be flexible and twist in multiple directions. I also prefer real leather. I am currently searching for my favorite brand and will share when I find it! Any ideas? Send my way!

Why do I prefer to not wear a bra? I was getting lymph stagnation and tightness years ago. I decided to try not wearing a bra after stumbling across Dr. Sydney Ross Singer on the Extreme Health Radio Podcast. The next day, I found a loose fitting tank top to wear under my clothes. After one day, wow! I felt so free! I went a few days without wearing a bra. The next week I forgot and wore a bra again. It was horrible. I was so uncomfortable all day. I felt trapped and tight and told myself never again. I even stopped wearing bras when exercising. Suspensory ligaments are designed to support breast tissue, called Cooper's ligaments. To me, wearing a bra is like wearing arch supports when they aren't needed...over time, that tissue can get used to being held up and stop being as supportive when it isn't being used for the job it was made. Same with breast tissue...and I want my suspensory ligaments to do their job!

Photo by Emma Lopez on Unsplash

I have tried finding a new tank top as well...I am so surprised by how much tight, supportive clothing there is. I hate feeling restricted...and I guess that is why I prefer being barefoot, braless, and free. #GetSatiated #Bralessandflawless

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