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Breast Health is NOT Passive!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Before I get started, this is NOT medical advice. This is my own story, covering what I do, and have found to work for me.

I have been an advocate for my own breast health since I felt a lump a decade and a half ago and had extremely tender breasts days before my cycle. We have a family history of breast health issues - but I was not just going to accept that as the end result. The ultrasound I had done concluded a benign result and it was suggested I keep an eye on it, do monthly exams, and of course a prescription was offered. I politely declined and started doing some research. I am proactive with everything else. Why not this too? So, here's what I do:

1. Daily Breast Massage

A monthly self breast exam IS NOT ENOUGH. I found out about breast massage and started doing it daily (P.S. this salon has so much more to offer than breast massage & was worth every penny). I found this amazing breast oil that is formulated with care. It is just a part of my routine, like brushing my teeth; an uncompromisable part of my daily self-care.

2. Dry Brushing

Lymphatic massage is another layer of massage that is critical for my breast health. I use daily dry brushing to support my lymph system--not just for my breast health, but for my whole body! I love this dry brush bundle option so I can easily dry brush not only my breasts, but also my face, and the skin on the rest of my body! There is a technique to it, so be sure to watch the video on the site; I have developed my own version of the technique to open the main lymphatic ducts before brushing. Maybe I'll do a video on that someday! Adding the verve tonic when I dry brush my body gives me a nice wake-up, and the curated lymphatic essential oils really amplify my routine.

3. Beyond Braless

I stopped wearing a bra YEARS ago and let me tell you, it's wonderful. I wrote a whole post on it.

4. Thermography

I get breast thermography done periodically at my chiropractors office. I actually get my whole body done to be proactive. Read more about lymphatic breast massage and thermography here.

5. Resources, Herbs, & More

My Maya Abdominal Massage therapist recommended a book, which was surprisingly challenging to find. It gives so many resources and herbal allies, it will be on my bookshelf forever.

6. Supplements & Topless Sunbathing

I also take a lot of nutritional supplements to support my breast health, like iodine and magnesium. I like getting my iodine from food sources when I can and prefer sprinkling these sea veggies on my lunch (code: SATIATEDBLONDE to save), but I take it in supplement form too, when needed. The magnesium I use is a topical spray to use externally, and I take magnesium bicarbonate internally. I do other things too, like sunbathe topless (when it's appropriate).

7. Estrogen Reset Program

For my overall breast health, Magdalena's online Estrogen Reset Program gave me new insights to helpful foods and more!

There is always more to learn, but this is a pretty inclusive list for what has helped me with my breast health. There's nothing passive about it. Are you your own breast friend? As always, #GetSatiated.

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