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Troubleshooting In My Laundry Room

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I did not know certain things needed cleaned, especially things that were made to clean (i.e. dishwasher) or in this case, my washing machine. This being my first experience with a front loader, I really had no idea what I was getting in to! But, am grateful to now know the things to do for regular maintenance! FYI my page is for entertainment only. I am just showing you what I did in my machine.

1. The rubber gasket - The rubber gasket was probably the grossest part! It's easy to maintain once the initial clean-out is completed (I try to wipe it out once a week and dry with a towel after laundry is done - if I'm doing multiple loads in a day, I just try and do it after the final load is done), but I use the Teal Trunk to get in the grooves + a mix of soap and EC3 Concentrate (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE). About 3 capfuls in a bucket of EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate works well and it "is a natural botanical that removes mold spores, bacteria, and musty smells from hard and soft surfaces with no harmful chemicals and can be used to decrease the overall mold load in your indoor environments." (per website)

Pic shows part way through cleaning the gasket, lots of creepy stuff gets underneath here!

2. The tray - I disassembled the trays where I load detergent. I soaked them in a bucket of soap and EC3 concentrate for a couple hours and then used some elbow grease to scrub off (a toothbrush was needed for some of the nooks and crannies) and rinsed them really well in hot water. I also thoroughly wiped out the housing in the washer where this is stored (there was visible mold on the walls).

3. The hose - On the front of the washer, there is a little door. To be honest, I took the door off because it is a huge barrier to me doing steps 3 + 4. There's a hose that needs drained regularly (at least once a month, but I try and do it more than this, like once a week). I put a bucket on the floor and drain it right in to there. The first time I did this, black sludge came out! It was sooo gross and is so much better now, but you think, there is approximately 2 cups of water just being retained in the machine over time. After 24-48 hours, mold can grow. I try and drain this out once a week, but monthly at minimum.

4. The basket - It is important to make sure the hose is drained (step 3) before doing this step. In that same little door, to the right of the hose, there's a basket - or a large filter- that looks really similar to the filter found inside the fine mesh strainer in my dishwasher (but that's a whole other story, lol). Anyways, this catches big things that accidentally get put through my machine: rubber bands, lots of hair, matchbox cars (don't ask, lol), coins, etc... I only take this one out once a month and after the initial cleaning it takes a while for buildup, which is a relief!

5. Sanitizing cycles - Once a month, I use EC3 Laundry Additive (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE) in the bin (3-4 capfuls, so a little more than usual) and 1 cap in the bleach compartment with the longest, hottest cycle my machine will run.

6. Regular maintenance - I've mentioned already the weekly things I try to do, but in each load I am using EC3 Laundry Additive. It has changed my laundry game! I wouldn't say my clothes smell from it per se, but they don't have that musty smell they had before (especially since I often forget loads of laundry in the basin - but I'm trying to remember to set a timer!). I use this in several other ways around my house and shared how I use it in my laundry previously in this post. But I really think the regular use of this keeps the rubber gasket so much cleaner!

Check out this video to see how bad it was:

The whole EC3 line has been such a great addition to my household. Here's another post I've shared about these products:

I'd be really surprised if anyone's machine was worse than mine, but I can tell you it stays sparkly now! As always, #GetSatiated.

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