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The Golden Egg: Poulet...Pullet?

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What came first, the poulet or the pullet? Lol, I crack myself up. The chicken, of course. But, if we're talking in terms of eggs, pullets are the first eggs the chickens (or pullets aka young hens) lay and they are delicious!

pullet eggs

So grateful for local farmers offering these eggs. Lots of farmers save them for themselves or don't sell them because people are often disappointed because the eggs are smaller. And, they are. Much smaller, actually. But they are so delicious! I'd take a pullet egg over a regular farm fresh egg any day! They're only available when they're available, I say that because I find different farmers seem to have pullets at different I always ask! For this batch, I took a trip across the state to get these lovely, delicious, "golden" eggs!

egg on toast

For breakfast, two pullets are perfect! Topped with microplastic-free salt (affiliate code: SB10) and fermented white pepper, atop homemade sourdough with glyphosate tested flour!

Yep, this is how they got home safely, haha!

pullets carefully packed

Have you tried pullets? Let me know in the comments! As always, #GetSatiated.



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