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'Natural' Makeup Review

Updated: Feb 16

Very rarely do I wear makeup, but I do like having options on hand for weddings, date night (maybe), or just for when I feel like it. And although I wear it rarely, I am still conscious of the ingredients I am putting on my skin.

I share about my skin care routine quite often. You can read my most recent post here. Stephanie, the creator of that apothecary has great suggestions and that's where I found out about these two companies.

Let's first start with Ilia because that's who I tried first.


Mascara - read my review on their mascaras here.

Necessary Eyeshadow Palette - I like the colors even though I am not great at doing the whole different colors in the right place thing. I usually just pick one for my whole lid. Unfortunately, the palette broke which is surprising because I didn't drop it or anything, it just kind of crumbled in my makeup bag and I had a little mess to clean up!

Liquid Powder Eye Tint - I was getting all these ads for liquid eyeshadow that turns to powder and I almost bought them a couple times, but every time I would check the ingredients I just couldn't do it! This was my closet, best ingredient option. I like it, but I feel like it goes on too heavy and isn't quite powdery enough, but maybe I just don't know what I'm doing...that's actually very likely, lol. I got the green 'Hatch' color. All that being said, I still want to try them all, lol.


True Skin Serum Foundation - I really like the smell of this. I know it sounds weird, but it's true! It felt nice going on and covered well.


Lip Conditioners and Lipstick - I got two lip conditioners, Bang Bang which is more of a red color and Arabian Nights which is s nice pink color. I like them both but find myself reaching for the latter more often. At my most recent purchase, they actually don't have those colors anymore. I tried out some others, like Wanderlust, but wonder if they changed their formula, because it smells different to me! The lip conditioners are more like a gloss, minus the stickiness. I also got a more traditional lipstick, what they call Color Block High Impact Lipstick in Tango which is a shade of red and I like it, especially for formal events!


The Cheek to Cheek Multi-Stick is hands down one of my favorite products of theirs. I really like the color and it goes great on eyes, lips, and cheeks. I've always felt weird about that before but it's really great, lol!

Now, on to Beauty Care Naturals...


Foundation - Their foundation is great. It feels moisturizing and so velvety soft! It covers well, in fact more coverage than I've ever experienced with a 'natural' foundation.

Dewy Highlight - I got this bronze glow and it's really pretty. I didn't use it much in the summer because my skin didn't need any extra color. It goes on nice but I often forget to put on shimmer if I am taking the time to put on makeup, and I feel weird putting something over top of blush already on my cheeks??? Unless I am just putting it in the wrong spot? Someone help me, lol!

Tint Stick - this is reminiscent of the cheek to cheek multi stick I mentioned above, but I just don't find myself using it as often. I think I picked the wrong color and need to try another shade!

Cover Up - I haven't used a product like this since I was a teen. It works better than I ever remember them working. I like a few dabs under my eyes.


Eyeliner - I actually use eyeliner for the first time since I was a teenager! It works just fine and I am grateful for their ingredients.

Mascara - love that they have brown and black options. Read my detailed Mascara review here.


Lipliners + Lipstick - I tried their lipliners which I really like a lot, actually. Their lipstick is good too (and named after the fruit of the Spirit) -- the lid has a magnetic case and I like the color, but think another color would have probably been a better match for me. I'll have to try a different one next time!

Erin's Faces Mascara was highly recommended so to get free shipping, I purchased this eye concealer sampler. Let me tell ya, it is just a sampler, lol. In all fairness, they do list the size it is, but if you know me, you know estimating product sizes is not my strong suit, haha! It works well and goes on nicely, just very different than the BCN concealer. I feel like this is better for the summer!

What are your favorite more 'natural' makeup picks? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.

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