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Keeping the Pesky Gnats Away: A Nontoxic Solution that Actually Works

From the plants I've acquired (and propogated), we have quite a few houseplants. I think it happened from overwatering or maybe the soil, but we got gnats! I tried the wine/vinegar in a bowl and it did nothing. I feel like when I was growing up, this did work (and very well). Anyways, we tried a myriad of things and eventually got them under control. Here's what we tried...

First, my husband got this spray. I think it helped some, but didn't take care of it all the way (or I wasn't spraying it as often as I needed for it to be effective).

Then, he found this fancy organic plant care. It is the most beautiful Ive ever seen insecticides and fungicides look, lol! Our kit came with a spray bottle and shot glass for measuring. NOTE: the bottle definitely have warnings on them so care is needed when pouring, I like to wear gloves when mixing it up and using it. Look how pretty it is!

arber bottles

Here's a quick unboxing video:

The Nontoxic Gnat Solution

But, the safest and most effective item we used (in my opinion) were these! We got a couple packs and kept changing them out regularly, using the sprays and wow, what a difference! They will be my first line of defense if this ever happens again. They are extremely sticky (I had to be careful taking off the backing and placing them) and nontoxic! Now, of course we'd been doing the sprays alongside it, but implementing the sticky traps are when I really noticed a difference, but I am sure the combination helped!

sticky gnat trap at work

Do you have a go-to method for gnat removal? Share with me in the comments. Follow my daily happenings on socials!



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