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From Layups to Aces: How I Mastered the Basics of Basketball and Tennis

me holding basketball and smiling

Our basketball adventure was sparked because I played with some friends at church camp, and I did not make one basket. I couldn't believe it...I couldn't even get the ball to hit the rim. I couldn't even shoot it more than a couple feet. It was pretty intense (if you can tell) and I needed help, lol. As it would happen, my husband loves basketball and was more than happy to take me out to the court (after we got a new ball - turns out some are for inside courts only, who knew, lol!) and coach me. After lots of practice (we went at least weekly, sometimes more, for about six months), I can now hit free throws, make baskets from all the way around the key, and even score some three pointers! Now, I'm working on doing the walk-and-dribble-between-my-legs thing because I think it looks cool, lol!

Come visit and play with us!

playing basketball

Prepping for a shot:

getting ready to make a basket

...and score (yes, that's really a three-pointer I made)!

pic of ball going in hoop

After a few weeks of only playing basketball, I mentioned to my husband (aka coach) we should play tennis some time. He played competitively in high school - and I played for fun, but nothing serious. We pulled out his old rackets, but the handles were decomposing and needed re-wrapped. I didn't even know that was a thing, but it made a huge difference (in gripping and in stuff dropping in my eyes every time I swung). We found the grip tape at a local sporting goods store and my husband was able to re-wrap them easily.

Did I mention we also had to get new tennis balls?

racket and balls on picnic table

Here I am in the background, swinging the racket so fast you can't even see it (lol):

up close net and me in the background

We have played some sets, but want to do a full match sometime soon. We'll have to block off some time to do that this spring!

tennis racket

Pictured above: one of my hubby's old rackets we re-taped the handle on (made such a huge difference), me in my favorite court shoe and tennis skirt - I tried on lots of skirts before I picked this one!

Other sports we've tried recently:

  • Kayaking

  • Curling (post coming soon)

  • Pickleball (maybe I should do a post on this one, too?)

What's your favorite sport to play? Share with me in the comments! Stay up to date with me on the sidelines and the court on my stories!

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