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Fisherman's Pot Pie

Updated: Feb 20

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I grew up loving pot pies -- a savory pie with a creamy filling, and that buttery crust! It gives me that nice soup belly filling without being soup. My husband is fond of Fisherman's pie, which is similar, but with seafood inside. The cream and the crust are a real compliment to the ocean food!

I generally followed the recipe here and used pie crust that I had previously made a double batch of and froze ...which was a great idea and I will keep doing. It makes baking, especially with only a little time in advance, so much easier! All I had to do was place it in the fridge overnight. Here I am rolling out the thawed dough:

flattening out the dough

In this video, you can see my favorite rolling pin, passed on to me from my great grandma when we got married:

I buttered up my favorite pie pan (see other posts I've shared about it here and here) and layed in half of the dough for the bottom crust. I forgot to par-bake it and it turned out okay, but because I do prefer a crispier crust, I have made a mental note to remember that next time!

Next, it was time to add in the fisherman part of the pie: wild caught cod and wild smoked salmon. We also had some leftover bacon from breakfast, so that was added, too!

crust in pan with salmon and cod chunks

Next came the low oxalate boiled brussels sprouts and the creamy center:

added bacon and brussels sprouts to fish

Then I placed the top crust and cut a hole in the top for it to breathe. If you listen close, you can hear how pleased I am, haha!

It baked perfectly in the pie pan I used (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE).

perfect crust finish!

Here's a view from above: (can you smell it, too?!)

view of pie in pie pan

Fifteen minutes later, (after cooling) it made a delicious dinner!

plated up

Are you a fan of fisherman's pie? What do you like inside yours?! Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.

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