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A Pie Pan To Remember

Updated: May 6, 2022

*This is a sponsored post (I was sent the pie pan) & uses affiliate links (see disclaimer at bottom of the page). That being said, I only share about products that I use personally!

The Pie Pan of all pie pans...I had honestly only used glass ones before, but wow! 360 cookware does it again! Check out the post I did about how impressed I was with their cookie tray, here. And I'll share a recap of why I love their products so much:

- Certified Made in America

- Uses surgical grade stainless steel

- PTFE Free

- ZERO EPA Permits,

- uses ZERO Toxic Chemicals

- creates ZERO Landfill Contributions

First off, look at how shiny it is! I love the weight and size of it too. It cooks so evenly compared to the glass one I had been using.

The first thing I chose to make in it?! A Fisherman's Pot Pie (more details coming soon)! I'll work on sharing with ya how I make my sourdough pie crust and the pot pie, but in the mean time, trust me when I say it's delicious and my husband is so happy to try out my pie creations, from savory to sweet! For his birthday I made him a gooseberry cherry pie (which was my first time making a lattice crust) but that was before I got this stainless steel pie pan and it's just so much easier to work with. On the sweet side, next I'm going to attempt to make my own pie filling using star anise!

I slathered the pie pan in butter before lining with the bottom crust and it cooked perfectly and came out of the pan with ease. I can't wait to switch over my kitchen to all of their products! Use my affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE on checkout and as always, #GetSatiated.

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