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If I Had a Band, It Would Be Heavy Metal...

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

...And the band members would be: Al, Pb, & Hg (get them out of me)! Their opening act: Arsenic & Cadmium.

*Please note: this is just my story, I am not recommending what I do nor is this medical advice.

So, I'm always up for trying new products or supplements if the ingredients pass my test! I research the supplements/vitamins I use, and typically end up with a handful of companies that meet my standards, but I am always open to learning more. I know I need to work on my heavy metal load (HML), for many reasons. I have thought about chelation, but think it would be too intense for me and is super expensive. Personally, I have several specific reasons I want to actively work on my heavy metal load (and this is just what comes to me off the top of my head!):

Heavy Metal History:

-Amalgam fillings

-I was a chemistry major in college (enough said); I was exposed to so many things I would not knowingly even walk in a building if it had those things in them today (Hg)

-I interned in the lab at a pharmaceutical company (yes, I know, I can't believe it either...but we all have our own journey!)

-I had a hair mineral analysis done about eight years ago and my aluminum was high then. Aluminum does not leave the body easily, there can be traces of it left for long periods of time--and with it being used more and more in products and treatments, I can only imagine that has gone up. -ear piercings (I let them all close up now and use clip-ons for special events, haha!)

-History of va<<ine reactions (they have Al in them, along with a bunch of other stuff; listen to this or this podcast for more info)

-I have had several special tests throughout my life after various sports injuries/health challenges starting at a young age, including radiopaque contrast mediums (i.e. barium sulfate)


Exposure to heavy metals happens just by living in today's world (on top of the extra exposure I know I have had), which is why I want to do the best I can to decrease my HML.

When I first heard about a new zeolite based product, I wasn't blown away. I had used them previously; but the testimonials I heard and saw with TRS blew my mind!

What is It?

Let's start quickly with a little background on what I understand about zeolites:

-They naturally occur when lava and volcanic ash meet the ocean

-Zeolites adsorb opposed to absorbing; heavy metals adhere or adsorb to the zeolite (I think of it as a magnet collecting nails vs. a sponge absorbing water)

-Found with heavy metals in nature (because they adsorb naturally and heavy metals are found in our environment)

TRS is lab made. I was a little thrown off by this at first (like, why do this if it is made naturally?), but from my understanding, there are two main reasons. They nano-size it to increase surface area (similar: intestines have mucous membrane folds to increase surface area). They also create it in a controlled environment so it does not start off containing heavy metals. Even though the bond is extremely strong, I feel more at ease taking something that I know does not contain heavy metals to start with.

Also, I have to mention that it is my thought that zeolites don't as much cause detoxing, but more of a detox by proxy. As in, it isn't a detox in and of itself, but can possibly cause detoxification symptoms when the body is getting rid of toxins. I don't know if that makes sense, but it is slightly different to me than say doing a cleanse or taking a product specifically for detoxification.

Like I said, I had heard lots of great stuff about it, but I kind of have the thought that anything can be the "miracle," if that's exactly what you need, right? Apple cider vinegar. Coconut oil. Honey & cinnamon. The list goes on, but I think you get what I'm saying.

Now, this is all anecdotal, but I also heard that it was helping to fade stork bites, causing parasites to come out, helping with delayed speech... What??? Some really intense stuff! What made me decide to try it? Well, I saw a picture of a nevus (mole) dried up and coming out of someone's skin after using the product. That was it. That was my turning point. I have two really questionable spots that I wanted to try it on topically, along with internally. I also noticed some lipofuscin deposits on my arm (these are also known as age spots, but I hate that term, and I think the reason I have them is related to my heavy metal exposure listed above).

I started using TRS 6 weeks ago.

I began with three sprays and thought I'd be fine. By day four, I had a few detox-like symptoms: some extreme stomach pain and nausea. My hubby rubbed the neurolymphatic reflexes for my stomach and I was back in action, but then I decided to cut back to one spray/day until just a few days ago when I went up to two sprays/day. I do my sprays internally in the evening before bed and externally in the morning. For external use, I spray in my belly button (like I do for some homeopathics), on this weird dry patch of skin on both of my toes, on the lipofuscin spots, and on my questionable nevi.

What have I noticed?

-Vivid dreams, but I am waking well rested, almost waking before my alarm every day

-I am having memories, lots of memories from all parts of my life (if you know me, my memory and recall is pretty awful...I have to write everything down)

-The dry/thick skin on my toes looks better

-My lower legs are always dry, but now they aren't as flaky (definitely still room for improvement)

-I have an itchy spot on my head in the same spot almost every evening

-Heightened sense of attention to detail; I am noticing things that have always been there, but have my attention now (i.e. a picture on the wall, a soap dispenser)

The Results So Far:

My toes immediately before starting TRS (by the way, I have tried putting so many things on this, nothing else has made a difference):

1 month after regular TRS use:

6 weeks of TRS--note the thick dry skin is going away (along with the last of my nail polish, haha) and being replaced by new, normal skin:

Oh, and I have to share my moms experience! She came to visit me and her hands were all cracked and cut up from washing dishes, washing her hands, and making invitations (she is sensitive to paper and the dye). She has tried multiple things over the years. When I saw how bad they were, I said, "Hey, I got this new spray that can be used topically, wanna try it?!" So, we sprayed it on the back of her hands and all I have to say is I wish we took a before picture!!! Not even exaggerating, two hours later she went from having at least 30 open cuts and cracked knuckles to no cracked knuckles and about 3 open cuts. I couldn't believe it, but I know that the body has the innate power to heal itself when it has what it needs and I think that was exactly what she needed! So cool!

2 hours after application (I wish I thought to take a before picture, but honestly, I didn't expect anything to happen!):

Two days later:

I am excited to see what happens over the next month. If you want to know more, be sure to check out the website.

As always, #GetSatiated.

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