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Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I am conscious of what I watch and what I listen to (and no, you'll never catch me with wireless headphones as much as I get irritated when these things get yanked out of my ears!). Some are for entertainment, others for information, but man, it is the best when it becomes both! I Iove podcasts and thought I'd share some of my favorites:

*The No Diet Podcast- Digs deep beneath the label in chatting with company owners to find out whats really in their products and talks with those in the health/wellness space about their experience. Check out episode #6 and #21 to hear me and my papa!

*Freedomizer Radio Talia Like It Is- So technically, this is a radio show so there's the option to listen live, but I can never make it in time, so I listen to this as a podcast! So much thinking outside of the box, I love it! Adult friends? Homeschooling? Home births? Yep! All of the amazing things!

*PaleOMG Uncensored- This one definitely falls under the strictly entertaining category, but Juli is real and I love that.

*Ask Me Another- Another radio show, but my hubby and I love this one. Such great games! I think it would be so much fun to help create their games.

*Wise Traditions- Weston A. Price Foundation podcast. They talk about: butter, 5G, gut health, GMO's, get the idea!

*Toxin Free Mom To Be- Karma interviews on topics such as pregnancy, parenting---it's a great listen even if you don't have kids so you can start making informed decisions and choices on things that maybe you didn't even know you had a choice on!

Amidst starting this post, my hubby let me know about a podcast contest. Since I have been wanting to start one for awhile now, it was the perfect time! Vote for me (until mid-March, I think)! To be accepted in the competition, there were certain requirements, i.e. less than two minutes. So, there is an extended version we will share (it has a little more of my quirkiness)! Stay tuned!

There are a few more that I listen to, but these are the regulars. Are there any I need to check out?! Let me know below and as always, #GetSatiated.

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