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La Luna

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

To celebrate the super blood wolf moon, I thought I'd share the awesome gift theme my husband gave me for Christmas!

My hubby is so thoughtful with gifts. He knows how much I value good energy, biodynamic farming, and superfoods/super alcohol (if there is such a thing)!

Moon Juice is an awesome superfood juicery in LA. We make it a priority to go there every time we're in town to pick up organic juices and snacks! Here's what I got:

-Brain Dust

-Spirit Dust



Two other additions to the moon theme were unique drinks:

-Alkkemist, a gin from Spain is distilled during the full moon. They use a wide range of botanicals; the only gin made with muscat grape and samphire. We ate samphire regularly visiting Scotland--I loved it! Samphire is a tasty green sea veggie.

-La Luna, a three generation family business utilizing biodynamic methods to make a very nice, smoky mezcal.

Do you feel the moon? Share with me below and as always, #GetSatiated!

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