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Travel Hacks & Compromises

If you view my entertaining Instagram stories, you know I was recently in Sacramento. Packing without my essentials is something I can't compromise. However, there were some staples that I couldn't even believe I left behind. And you know what? I didn't even miss them!

Let's start with my travel hacks:

1. I use the same travel ziploc over and over again. It stretches and I can fit just slightly more in. I celebrate as it fits in and doesn't rip. Really, I have had my current one for over two years! Honestly, this is about the only thing I use these bags for. Otherwise, I have transitioned to these!

2. I time my bathroom breaks on the plane so I get stuck behind the beverage cart. Why would I do this? When the cart is about 5 rows ahead, I head to the bathroom. When I come out, they are just about to my row. Instead of walking right to my seat, I wait. I like to get up and stretch, walk, squat, bend (you get the idea). I don't get in trouble when the attendants have the cart in the aisle. If they are back in their designated area, after about one minute, they try to shoo me away. I love this trick!

3. I always bring travel snacks and I try to make it to a grocery store as soon as I can to get real food! Here's what I packed with me this time:


Brooklyn Biltong

Energy Bits (CODE to save: GETSATIATED)

4. I try to get in the sun, take a cold shower, or walk barefoot as soon as I can after landing.

Even though my bag is stretchy, it has it's limits! Here's a list of my recent compromises that didn't end up being a big deal:

1. Conditioner-This was probably the easiest of all the decisions I had to make, but I really can't go without my favorite digestive bitters, especially when I am traveling and in less control of my food.

So, what did I do instead? Nothing. And it was fine. Actually, I felt like my hair had a little bit more body and might decrease my conditioner use all together. Also, I checked the hotel conditioner and it is a 4 on the Skin Deep Database. I try not to use anything over a 1 or 2.

2. Deodorant- I have been through SO many deodorants in my life. This one (yes, I use the men's) has lasted about the past three years, which is really quite something (some only make it a month)! However, I had to make another decision. This wasn't really all that hard, considering what my option was between: deodorant or glyphosate gut protection?! I will choose the latter, all day, everyday, without batting an eye! Typically, I am a little lax in the twenty minute window, but never when I am traveling! Also, I misplaced my travel bottle so I found a spray bottle to transfer it in. This worked great, except for the slight awkwardness I get when I feel people wondering why I am using so much breath spray! Haha! I used about twenty sprays. (I sprayed this up my nose pre and post flight, but the company now makes a nasal spray too!)

My fix? A drop of Jewel Dab. I have definitely tried essential oils for deodorant before (hasn't everyone?! HaHa) but this has by far worked the best--phew!

3. Toothpaste- I have to admit, this one was an accident!

Luckily my Yogi Tooth Serum was hidden in my EMF protected travel bag!

Have you had to make any travel compromises? Feel free to share and #GetSatiated!

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