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I fell in love with a kitchen utensil!

As I was strolling down Abbott-Kinney after spending the week coaching at The Crossfit Games, I came across a wonderful little nook with a drink stand where they sell butter coffee. They also had fresh coconuts...which I cannot pass up!!! Have you ever tried opening a coconut?! It scares me…I cannot do it myself. After putting in my order to the petite gal at the stand, I saw her pull out this awesome tool —she made opening coconuts look SO easy. She told me it was called the COCO JACK. As soon as I arrived home I looked it up and placed my order. I’ve been opening coconuts without thinking twice! Use Code ----->GETSATIATED to save!

*I recommend the thai young coconuts (not the brown ones). In my experience they have been juicier and have a solid base to balance on when opening.

Noteworthy observations: In that little nook is also a magical cave-like place full of chocolate, from ZenBunni. Definitely check it out! #GetSatiated

I was just playing around here but my photographer caught me!

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