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Beloved Bitter

One of my biggest fears is food poisoning. I am hyper-conscious about food going bad and dining out. I've had true food poisoning at least once, but several times issues with food soap residue left on dishes. It causes me digestive discomfort. Also, the stomach is a very emotional organ. I feel stress in my belly whether I'm just too excited about something or legitimately stressed. Sometimes, I also just overeat (although I'm getting better at that)!

I have found Urban Moonshine's Original Digestive Bitters to be helpful for any of my gut issues. A lot of times I just take them prophylactically and because I've fallen in love with the taste (probably because that is exactly what my body needs)!!! Bitter is something that grew on me. The more bitter-type foods or herbs I eat, the more I fall in love with bitter. Dandelion, arugula, grapefruit, turmeric, low-toxin coffee, liquid echinacea premium...

How do I take it? Most of the time, I drop it straight into my mouth. If I'm on the go, they have it in a spray bottle! If I'm in more of an (un)cocktail mood, I add it to sparkling mineral water: San Pellegrino (I like it to say the name of the spring it is from & in glass).

My bitter (un)cocktail:

-6 oz. sparkling mineral water

-1/4 tsp. bitters

I could live without these of course, but my quality of life would not be as good...that is for sure! Thanks Urban Moonshine!

Be sure to read more about their bitters and find out if they're right for you!!! #GetSatiated

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