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My dental protocol: Smile with all you've got!

#ArmedWithWarPaint Photo by: Glenn McManus

As I mentioned on The No Diet Podcast (EP: 006), I use Nadine Artemis' amazing dental protocol. I feel like I have a trip to the dentist every day! Why wait six months for that?! You can find information on her protocol here.

As you may have seen on my Instagram stories or read on my Instagram post, I also make my own version of mouthwash from Medi-herb's base recipe including:

Echinacea Premium

Oregon Grape


...and I add Tea tree oil,

I mix with water as I go along--pour a little mouthwash out into a cup and and a splash of water every morning and night, swish, & spit.

Then, a few times a week I naturally whiten and brighten my teeth with warpaint! It has no flavor and I find it works really well for me...just not so well for my sink which I have to make sure I clean out right away! HAHA!

It does not make my teeth sensitive like some other whitening products I have tried. The ingredients are straight forward and essentially edible (although the company doesn't say that and I am not saying it's just nice to see straightforward, safe ingredients in something you are putting in your mouth!)

I am happy to be #armedwithwarpaint! Are you?

FYI, It is still good to have check-ups with your dentist and to find one you trust. I used this site to find my holistic practitioner (who is certified safe in Hg removal). Although there are all of these wonderful strategies, remember the importance of living a wholesome, real food lifestyle!

Want more information? Check out these books:

Have any other strategies you use? Any books I need to add? Just leave me a message and fill me in! #GetSatiated

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