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A Tour of Boulder/Broomfield, Part II

Hello! I have been quite busy unexpectedly this summer, and will have another post up soon about my recent whirlwind trip to Scotland--I would totally move there! But first, I have much more to tell you about Boulder, CO. Picking up where I left off with my last post, my husband wanted to go into a place that didn't seem as warmly decorated or inviting to me at first glance. I should know by now to trust his instinct, but if something doesn't quite seem right to me, that's hard. Good thing he has patience with me, and begrudgingly, I went in to Brewing Market Coffee. We were greeted by a cheerful lady behind the counter, and I was quick to find out they had kombucha on tap! She happily answered all of our questions and informed us the kombucha was special; it was "Cliffhouse Kombucha" made by a man from Germany who has been making it since he was a wee lad. How neat! They also had a housemade ginger chai which I have to go back to try! Cheers, and don’t judge a book by its cover. Learned, again.

Other places I encountered:

Zeal--food for enthusiasts

This was a great choice for breakfast! You can see my homemade bowl. It was delicious and comforting to know I was getting healthy and organic food made from the heart. I also enjoyed a chanda chai—so good.

They also have their own spin on bulletproof coffee. How neat! Zeal also offers quick drinks and some snacks to go. I highly recommend it! #zealfood

Azitra in Broomfield had a wonderful atmosphere, quick and tasty food (I highly recommend the papadom). You can see a pic of what was left over, below. As you can tell, we enjoyed it. I only wish the "Spiced Chai on the Ocean" was spicier. I’ll have to give it another try...I’m hopeful. #dancingpines

One of our international delights was stumbling upon the Burns Pub at Thee Hilltop. You can see me singing along with the Celtic band here--I was caught in the act, haha:

We had a wonderful dinner. Really, I still think about the bubble and squeak. They assured me they weren’t real leftovers...but even if they were, I wouldn’t care! I’m also glad I didn’t ask what kind of veggies were in it beforehand, because I wouldn’t have ordered it and I would have definitely missed out! It had one small piece of carrot, two pieces of broccoli, what seemed like a whole onion, mushrooms, and zucchini. But I’d have it again...everyday even haha!

I opted to have a side of their 15-day brined and braised corned beef (I love the stuff!). Their website says 10-days, but I think the menu is more up to date. Speaking of which, their menu also boasts over 300 kinds of scotch and uisce, organized by region! My hubby and I love studying menus so between the company, music, and good reading, it was a wonderful night out!

This area is a haven for kombucha/jun/water kefir and I was in heaven! To see a pic of what I tried from their local Whole Foods selection:

They were all uniquely different and amazing!!!! Just get a hold of me if you want more detail on them! I love the bold, blow-you-out-of-the-water kinds so the Rowdy Mermaid is definitely a brand that I wish I could try the rest of their flavors!!! The one from them that I experienced had:

  • Filtered Colorado snowmelt

  • Fresh ginger

  • Tasmanian pepperberry

  • Wildcrafted Chaga

  • Himalayan salt

At the airport, before our flight we stopped at Root Down to have a quick brunch and rehydrate. On a side note, I'm really glad we arrived early as the line was extending through the gates down a long back hallway and wrapped around the corner. I’m not even exaggerating. Anyways, I had the thai carrot curry soup and the roasted beets salad. They were both good, but a little too sweet. No, I did not get “airport chicken”** added to my dish, instead I opted to upgrade my meal with EPIC bacon bites. You can read my review of them here.

I made the most of my layover in Charlotte with a stop at Beaudevin. I had a Guigal Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It was earthy and easy to drink, and I could have gone for another, but it was time for the last leg of my flight, back home.

I hope this helps you find a wonderful place in these areas. If you haven't seen Part 1 of my trip, you can find it here. If you have any recommendations for me to check out in my travels, or questions about the places I have been, please get in contact! Thanks for following along with me, while I #getsatiated

**airport chicken-what I call pretty much any meat found in an airport. I have been disappointed every single time. I think it is all frozen and boiled and then microwaved. NO thank you! If you have had a good experience, please share!!!

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