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If only thinking about hormones could make you feel like you are OM’ing in your yoga class. If instead you think EEK (or just want to learn more), you should definitely check out HORMONES: A Women’s Wellness Summit.

There are over 30 free presentations from April 11-18. A few talks are posted already! If you don’t get to watch all the presentations live, you can purchase the expert talks to access indefinitely.

There are also several free bonus gifts that I think are awesome! The bonus I’m most excited about is the Natural Birth Control Mini-School eBook & Video. It brings to mind one of my favorite books of all time, that I think every woman (and man, really) should read, called: The Pill: Are You Sure It’s For You? By: Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope. It is important to be aware of all your options and be an advocate for your own health. This HORMONE SUMMIT helps to educate you about your hormones. Take cramps, for example. They are not normal, but have become so mainstream it has been accepted as the norm…so frustrating!

Find out more and don’t settle! Get signed up for the summit here.

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