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Sometimes I Need REAL SOAP

When I'm cleaning out the garage or working in the yard where possible pesticide overspray from neighbors is possible...real soap is needed! I am SO glad I found out about 1924 Custom Soapery, a small, local-to-Wisconsin, family business that makes soap the old fashioned way. Their list of products is expanding, but I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Here are some of the soaps I've tried:

Winter Wellness - the bottom of the bar, made of turmeric, has a natural exfoliant feel and the top is so velvety and soft! It smells great too, scented with essential oils.

Blush - As described from their website, "A luxurious soap made with Rose Clay and Himalayan Salt, scented with Geranium, Lavender, and Orange Essential Oils." I love the top of this soap!

Naked & Sweet - For when you don't want any scent at all, but still need some cleaning power. They describe this as, "Pure soap with added honey to draw moisture to the skin." With no extra scent or colors, this bar is perfect for those with the most sensitive skin.

They have the most beautiful homemade soaps I've ever seen! Luckily, they share their soap-making processes on their instagram, which is always fun to watch.

Pictured: To the right is the 1924 Soap family

But, they have much more than soap! Here are some of their other products I've tried:

Lotion bars - I call this lotion soap (it's not soap though, just lotion in a bar form). Their ingredients are so straight forward: locally-sourced beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. They also make a naked one, which is unscented. I I have the orange one and it is amazing! I like how it gets soft with my natural body temperature and is so silky on my legs after shaving (which we know is not all that frequent--haha). I also like using it on my hands before I go to bed if they're dry from washing them too much throughout the day!

Lip lotions - I have the naked (which only has three ingredients) and the anise. They're great - I like the anise one before bed (with my anise tooth paste and fennel toothpowder, it's a whole vibe, as they say lol) and the naked one is perfect after a day out in the sun!

As the name suggests, 1924 Custom Soapery also makes custom products (just contact them), a wide range of body oils, body butters, and more!

If you need a gift for someone, they're perfect--and for all ages, really! They make up beautiful gift boxes and will even include a card for you!

On my next purchase I'm looking forward to trying out their Relief Lotion Stick - I think it'll feel so nice on my sore, post-workout muscles and their Energize Shampoo Bar. I've never used a shampoo bar before, but I'm excited to try it out!

I'm so glad I have found a small company that cares about their ingredients and makes their products with love. Oh, and they don't use any plastic in their packaging. Tell me your favorite 1924 products in the comments! As always, #GetSatiated.

All pictures courtesy of 1924 Custom Soapery, used with permission.


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