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Organic Margarita Mix Tasting

Updated: Feb 20

2 bottles I taste tested

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Okay, so if the timing is right and I feel like a margarita, I'll have one with some tasty Mexican food. The thing is, I can't remember how long it's been since I've had a marg in a restaurant...but I do know it was bright green. Glow-in-the-dark green. And I couldn't drink it.

Typically, when I eat out at restaurants, I do as best as I can (i.e. ask them to cook in real butter) and then I don't worry about it. But, I couldn't drink something where it was evident that half a bottle of green food coloring was dumped in. I just couldn't do it!

I have tried to make my own margarita mix, but it has been subpar. So, when I found these organic margarita mixes, I was excited to try them out. Granted, they both contain ingredients I wouldn't normally consume. I was thinking, minus the green dye, there are probably worse things in the ones I order at the restaurant, I just don't even know about it. Plus, there is something about just enjoying something in the moment. Anywayyyyys, we did an in house taste test on these two: Agalima Authentic Margarita Mix & Tres Agave Margarita Mix.

First, we tested and blind tested without anything mixed in. They were both really similar and also hard to tell apart. The Agalima was more sour at first where the Tres Agave was sweet then sour. We decided it was a winning test since we couldn't pick a favorite.

...That was until we tried it as a real margarita. Again, they were both tasty and had I not been looking for a favorite, I wouldn't have been as picky. However, it was easier to tell when they were mixed according to the directions on their labels (I tried the best I could since I'm normally not great at that), but also goes great topped with some sparkling water.

The winner? Agalima was the house favorite. Next, well...two things. First, I think I need to work on perfecting my own mix. Secondly, maybe I should get a margarita maker in the mean time?! Actually, I got this machine and think it will be a great start to getting the perfect consistency for homemade non-alcoholic margaritas!

Do you have any other favorite organic mixes? Or a recipe to share? Tell me in the comments. As always, #GetSatiated!



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