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My Microfiber Experience

My microfiber experience before this (one that I’m willing to share) had been accidentally catching a towel on fire that was sitting next to the stove, freaking out, and almost calling the fire department. Because it's essentially woven plastic, when it melted, it stuck to my finger and creeped me out, so I wasn’t all that upset when I had to throw it away.

Enter Norwex. Even before my melting incident, I’ve always had an aversion to microfiber, but THIS brand doesn’t give me the heebie jeebies, I mean it! I have a quite a few new microfiber items from them, so I’ll give ya a rundown of my experiences so far:

  • Window cloth- Okay, so I cleaned my windows like I normally would, and later I noticed there was a grease spot (looked like someone put their forehead on the window) that didn’t come off. I thought "I KNOW I cleaned that, this is so weird." Fast forward to receiving the Norwex window cloth… I like to wet half of it, so I used the wet spot on it first, followed by the dry end and voila! Like that grease spot was never there. I have been using it for my windows and mirrors all over the house and will never use normal glass/mirror cleaning items again!

  • EnviroCloth – I use this for cleaning the bathrooms (sinks & toilets). I got the bathroom mitt for the showers and it works well too. For some reason I like that I don’t have to hold on to it in the shower…it’s just easier!

  • Counter Cloths- if you know me personally, or if you are entertained by my Instagram stories, you know I’m a spiller. Luckily, it’s mostly water, but I spill stuff… a lot. Too much! And, it’s not always that I am literally spilling, but by “just living” I end up with (mostly water) messes everywhere. For example, I don’t realize I overfill my Berkey until I hear a waterfall coming from the kitchen. Or, sometimes I forget to close my Berkey tap and it drips on the floor. Other times, I just walk into a wall and spill my water. Okay, okay, you get the picture. These cloths are super absorbent, and where I’d normally need two dishtowels, one of these cloths does the job.

  • Kitchen Cloth – I am really surprised how much I like and use this one. It cleans off the counters SO much better than a normal wash cloth, in my opinion. I rinse it out with hot water, and it’s ready for the next day and doesn’t smell. It’s really good at picking up stray coffee grounds from my morning coffee-making extravaganza (again, catch my IG stories if ya wanna know more on this)!

  • Hair towel – After getting out of the shower, I wrap my hair up in this, which is super easy to do (although I did it incorrectly for about two weeks until I watched their video again, haha). I leave it on for 5-10 minutes. When I take it off, my hair doesn’t seem that much drier initially, but it gets fully dry a lot faster. Normally if I towel dry and put my hair up in a bun, it will still be wet when I go to bed. But after using this, that doesn’t happen anymore!

  • Wet/dry mop – this makes mopping so easy! I love that there are no cords involved. With a separate pad for both wet and dry, it's perfect for me whether I’m doing the kitchen/bathrooms or wood floors, respectively. I purchased the small one so I could get into tighter areas easier, and I’m really glad I did! It works great and is super easy to clean. The brush (see below) also gives it new life!

  • Rubber brush – I’ve needed this my whole life and just never knew it. Okay, so you know behind the doors in the bathrooms where hair collects? Or the lint/hair mix in the laundry room? I simply dab this brush on the hair and it picks it right up…just like that! Then I can pull it off easily and put into the trashcan. It takes forever doing this with a wet cloth or even just picking up by hand. I haven't tried this (and hope I never have to) but apparently this brush also works well for picking up glitter. And, you can activate your other microfiber products by rubbing it on them. Such a great investment!

I have a few other items that I’m still testing, but this is a big chunk of their products. Also, I know a lady who gives great demos –so if you’re interested in these products, let me know and she’ll be more than happy to set up an event!

What’s your experience with microfiber? Have you tried any of these I mentioned above? #getsatiated



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