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Discover the Deliciousness of Knueven Creamery's Grass-Fed Ice Cream

Updated: Mar 4

holding up strawberry ice cream outside of market

In 2022 I almost exclusively made all of our ice cream at home using this. It's fun, easy, and takes up less room than a conventional ice cream maker bowl in the freezer. However, last year, we made many trips to try out all of the ice creams with straight forward ingredients at Knueven Creamery. Knueven is a family-owned creamery that also sells milk (low temp pasteurized, non homogenized), grains, eggs, and in the creamery, they have lots of local items for sale - great for making a gift basket. We find their milk used at a lot of cafes in the northwest region which is also exciting! They also own the Uptown Market & Cafe in Leipsic that has sandwiches, coffee, and also has a freezer with pints of their ice cream.

They use grass-fed milk/cream and organic sugar which is unique! We stopped there on our way back from our Dublin and Hocking Hills trip and made several sunset trips as well. We always bring our cooler to stock up in between trips since it's quite a hike, but we sometimes catch them at the farmer's market. My favorite thing about going there directly is getting ice cream for the car ride home, of course! I also like to sample new flavors and they have the ingredient lists easily accessible. My hubby likes to get their ice cream too, of course, but sometimes mixes it up with a root beer float or different specials they promote.

Knueven's ice cream is unlike any I've tried. My grandpa says it reminds him of ice cream growing up, where the fat layer sticks to the roof of your mouth a bit! Here's a rundown of some of my favorite flavors:

Vanilla Bean - This is pure vanilla goodness with straightforward ingredients

Chocolate - Classically, my favorite ice cream. It has minimal ingredients and is perfect for when I want something chocolatey.

Strawberry - I never would have thought I'd be saying strawberry is my favorite flavor, but it really is! The chunks of real strawberries in there is delightful and I'm always in the mood for it, lol!

They have several other flavors seasonally, like apple crisp, rhubarb crisp, etc. My hubby likes the seasonal ones and mint chocolate chip. We also typically grab a few drinks for the ride home like sparkling waters from the cooler: basil berry and hibiscus passionfruit. I really like that most of the time they are making the items for the ice cream ingredients in house themselves!

holding up strawberry ice cream in front of sign of all ice cream flavors

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Tell me in the comments. I often share our trips in stories, join me on Instagram!



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