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Creative Ways to Use Up Extra Oranges in Your Kitchen

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marmalade on spoon

Have you ever ordered 22 pounds of oranges? I did, not realizing how much that really was! I made so much marmalade as well as orange-cello, candied orange peels, curd, orange juice, and more! I also ordered kumquats and blood oranges, and made marmalade from those, too. I really couldn't help myself, I found a farm that practices natural and sustainable agriculture. On their site it states, "There are never any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers used on our growing crops." I cannot find where I read this now, but at one point they also shared that their citrus was unwaxed - which is ideal for making marmalade! As if 22 pounds wasn't enough, I bought different varieties of oranges and other citrus since it was in season (we're talking red valencia, bearss limes, finger limes...). Here's a peek into the (giant) box when they first came:

22 pound box of oranges

Traditional marmalade is made using seville oranges, which are more bitter than other varieties. That's what's in the jar in the cover picture. Take a look at some footage of me processing the fruits and what I made with it!

Part I:

Part II:

I was able to make marmalade with the kumquats, and a kumquat-cello. The type of kumquats I ordered are the sweet variety, called meiwa. For persimmons, I made jam out of the fuyu and hachiya kind. I also ordered some of their specialty, dried and massaged persimmons called hoshigake. I shared about them in detail here. Watch the videos below for the interesting breakfast I served my husband (oranges four ways - lol) and the beautiful orange curd I made. I decided to put it atop shortbread for a dessert and it was so good. I should make it again, actually!

Orange curd atop shortbread (what I refer to as the best thing in the video above)

Oranges four ways, Part I:

Oranges four ways, Part II:

And some up close pictures of the curd dessert and orange breakfast:

I got really good at peeling oranges, and the orange-cello turned out magnificent!

But having such vibrant and juicy oranges really made a difference in the flavor.

Do you want some of this fresh squeezed, made with love bitter orange juice?!

My friend Stephanie shared about the oranges first, and then I found some from Winterwarm Farms which is where I continue to purchase from. What's your favorite thing to make with citrus? Tell me in the comments and stay up to date with me in my stories!


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