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Foods I Recently Discovered: Japanese Edition

Updated: Feb 20

holding hoshigake

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I truly enjoy finding new foods, especially with ingredients that pass my test! Check out these new-to-me foods: from traditionally prepared persimmons, to a sauce I never thought I'd like, and a unique citrus fruit!

Hoshigake (hachiya, pictured above) - We are all familiar with Wagyu, the calves that drink beer and get massaged. But, did you know there are more foods that get massaged? No, I'm not kidding! Pictured above is the hachiya persimmon (more conical than the fuyu) that has been hung up on a string, dried, and massaged on the daily. It was delicious. Dried was the first way I was introduced to persimmons...but they were more like the hard/tacky dried fruit (which I still really liked), but the hoshigake (the traditional Japanese process of drying and massaging hachiyas) are juicy, kind of like a date, but juicier and less sweet in the best possible way. I look forward to getting another batch next year when they're in season!

Bachan - A Japanese barbecue is cold filled (so they don't need to use preservatives, additives, flavorings). Take note, they have a gluten free version, but it does contain soy (which is something I rarely knowingly consume). It reminds me of a teriyaki but with much more straightforward ingredients. This is my hubby's go to for his ramen!

Yuzu - This yellow citrus was much smaller than I expected and full of seeds, but it has a unique almost floral flavor, while still vaguely reminiscent of other citrus I am used to. It's delicious as a marmalade, in salad dressing, and in a hot drink!

Japanese Black Sugar from Hateruma Island - Apparently, several of the islands of Japan have their own sugar. This was the only one I could find to purchase, and apparently it is the most well-known and the best. And wowwwww, is it! Honestly, my favorite way to eat it is a little chunk at a time, haha. It just tastes too good to mix it into anything else (but I know it would upgrade anything it was used in). It is not overly sweet and tastes like a complete satisfying meal in one bite to me! When researching, I found that even with our typical brown sugar, the molasses is separated and then added back in. That's not the case with this sugar!

collage of foods I recently found out about

I don't know everything that's up next to try, but one of the next things that I cannot wait to taste: Marsh Snail Vinegar!!! Have you tried any of these foods that are new to me? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.



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