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A Bachelorette Party in the City

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

My sister got married in October, and I held the bachelorette party in Chicago two weeks prior. It was a blast, with lots of great food, relaxation, and not too crazy!

The ladies arrived late Thursday night and spent the night at our place. My husband made breakfast for everyone the next morning and after breakfast, we started the morning with blowouts—I’d never done it before and neither had the group. It was a fun bonding experience! Starving after our hair date, we grabbed some table-side guacamole and snacks at MAGO Grill & Cantina.

We then made our way to the hotel. We stayed at a new place in Fulton Market. The hotel was great, such a nice layout, friendly staff, and nice bar, in good walking distance to a lot of places.

Dinner was at a staple on Randolph Street, Bar Siena. Surprisingly, it was my first time there! The Chef’s Selection charcuterie board was amazing, full of good meats, the first bleu cheese I’ve ever liked (The Blue Jay), honeycomb, mustard, marcona almonds (those have a soft spot in my heart ever since our trip to Spain), and more! Beyond that, the cocktails were amazing—I can see why they’ve been there so long! They also have a great wine list with natural wines, although they are not demarcated, the server knew a lot about the wine, got the alcohol percentage correct, and double checked with their in house sommeilier that it was for sure a natural wine.

After that, we went to Federales. It was the most bachelorette party thing I had planned, have always seen it packed, and thought the iced tequila shot gong throw would be perfect. I got a spicy margarita and it was good. No one was up for playing the iced shot throwing game, so I stuck out there (hahaha, pun intended!). The guys (my hubby and his friend) met up with us and took us around the town. We went I guess what you would call fancy bar hopping. We would walk in a place check it out, and walk out. Sometimes the vibe wasn’t right, sometimes it was too crowded, and sometimes it was just right and the ladies would get a drink.

We ended the night eating Kuma’s in the bed at the hotel and let me tell you, that was perfect (Me: Iron Maiden; no bun, no sauce, no cheese)!

The next morning we slept in a bit and barely made it to our reservations at Cruz Blanca. Everyone really liked it there, even though it was our second Mexican restaurant in two days. It was at brunch that I realized our dinner reservations were also for Mexican food. Hahahaha! I asked if there wanted me to change it, but everyone said they loved Mexican food (thank goodness!). After brunch, we had about an hour before our main attraction event, so we made our way to Fairgrounds Coffee. Swings, plants, and a great chai are what we were greeted with!

Then it was time, time for AIRE. I took them to the ancient baths and we had an amazing time. I was happy that everyone was able to relax and take it all in, even my sister! My favorite part there is the steam bath/cold plunge. My lymphatic system feels so good after being at the baths.

It turns out that everyone was so relaxed from the baths, that the rest of the day was very low key. We made our way back to the hotel, rested, and got ready for dinner and drinks.

It is challenging to find a reservation at Frontera, so I made reservations at Three Dots and a Dash and put our names in at Frontera when we got there. I remember the first time I went to Three Dots I knew I had to take my sister there! For presentation, the cocktails were great, but not the most balanced by any means. I got the drink in a coconut with tons of mint (non-alcoholic) and it was amazing! Frontera was delicious as always. It is my go to in the city! Oh, and side note, their hot cakes are amazing.

It turns out we were still so relaxed from AIRE, that after Frontera, we sat in the bar area at the hotel and chatted before we headed to bed for an early night. Everyone left early the next morning, but I planned for brunch at City Mouse—maybe next girls trip!

I hope this gives you some ideas to visit when you go to Chicago or some ideas if you are in the middle of planning a hen party, too! As always, #getsatiated.

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