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A Quick Tour: Northeast Ohio

Updated: Jun 8

Before I get into the post, I have to share that as I'm writing this, I have MEET NED under my tongue, Swannies on my eyes (I have the tortoise shell), and a full cup of tulsi tea sitting right next to me! Missing home, so I thought I'd share a bunch of fun things to do if you're in Northeast Ohio!

I was born in Northeast Ohio. I was a competitive gymnast and part of the reason we moved there was to be closer to practice. Then, I had to quit in the seventh grade, but that's another story! I went to undergrad in a suburb of Cleveland, so Akron/Canton/Cleveland, I've got you covered for ideas in NEO!


Lets start north and work our way south...First one that comes to mind is Townhall in Ohio City. They have a paleoesque menu, butter coffee, and a cool atmosphere. Quick tip: we always do the ordering at the counter and eat on the side; the wait for the dining room proper (which is super casual) is typically long and food is more expensive. Around the corner in walking distance is Mitchell's Ice Cream--yum! In addition to standard ice cream, they have dairy free coconut milk ice cream and sorbets! Plus, you can watch them in process through their glass window. Last time I was there, they were using fresh mint, tons of it! In North Canton, Bombay Sitar is the local Indian restaurant, for Thai, I love Sukho Thai in Belden Village, and Basil (I prefer the Canton location) for a mix of both. Mission BBQ on the corner of Everhard & Whipple is good for barbecue and has an upbeat environment. The Rail is a great quick burger and sweet potato fry restaurant on the front side of the mall in BV. But really, it is rare that I eat out when I am home, my papa is a Chef and my mom cooks great too!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Cleveland Tea Revival is probably the newest place I have visited--it's great! They had homemade kombucha you could order with a hibiscus ice cube (so delish)! In North Canton, Diaita Cold Pressed Juice is one of my go to places! I try to call ahead to have them make a Young Thai Coconut Milk (it is out of this world, like a coconut shake without being too coconutty). But, if they're out, I default to a Hall of Fame (green drink) and like to add a ginger shot in it! My hubby loves the Canton location of Muggswigz. Think old style coffee shop with couches, local music, boardgames and their own drink names! They have been roasting their own coffee for over 15 years, USA Today has named them one of 10 best coffee houses in the nation, and one of their baristas is currently competing in the United States Barista Championship. Restore Cold Pressed is another juice shop; it is very sleek and minimalistic in design. Their avocado toast is my favorite thing on their menu!

Alcoholic Drinks

There are now many, many options in Cleveland for homemade cocktails and craft brews. One that we've enjoyed for quite a few years now is The Velvet Tango Room, a speakeasy with live music, old fashioned cocktails and lots of ambiance. Loved having date nights there! Farther south, The Barrel Room in North Canton is the hopping place; lots of choices, and where to go to have a high school reunion every weekend (haha!). Of the Gervasi lineage, there's the Crush House, Twisted Olive, and Gervasi Winery. To me, nothing beats Gervasi's atmosphere; cozy inside when it's cold and an amazing patio and view when it's warm enough! Food is good, wine list is getting more complex, I go there for the ambiance.


Yoga Strong is the best yoga studio I've ever been to (and I've gone to one in almost every city I visit). They have expanded and have a location in Jackson just for aerial yoga (so much fun). But make sure you register, classes fill up fast!


There's pretty much every store you can think of in Belden Village. If it's not there, try Fairlawn on your way to Legacy Village. Be prepared to sit in traffic, lots of lights close together and lots of cars out shopping. Oh, and please use your blinker.

Grocery Stores

The Raisin Rack is a natural grocery store mainstay, in Canton. The vibe in there could be better, but I think it's improving over time. Earth Fare and Fresh Thyme are all within about a 10 minute drive of Raisin Rack, so there are lots of great options if you don't find what you're looking for at one! I love having all of these options so close together!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of Northeast Ohio. What's your favorite place in your hometown?

Home sweet home & #GetSatiated.

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