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  • The Satiated Blonde

Hemp! [There It Is]

Updated: Feb 17

Photo by Zalmen Pollak on Unsplash

Ever have anxiety? Trouble sleeping? Repeating thoughts like a never ending record? ::Raises hand:: I have tried many things for all of the above, and will continue to do so (i.e. meditation, acupuncture, energy work, getting adjusted, taking supplements and flower remedies, etc...), but I have found one thing so far to work the best for the immediate short term anyways (long term, I am not sure yet).

Full spectrum hemp oil (not just any hemp oil) has helped so much with all of the symptoms I listed above. This hemp oil is unique; it is NOT flavored (because they don't extract with harsh chemicals, they don't have to hide the grassy-earth flavor that I really like), and does NOT get me high (have never done anything like that).

Plus, it is being researched like crazy right now; everything from epilepsy to cardiovascular disorders, to TBI's (traumatic brain injuries) and unfortunately, I have had my fair share of concussions.

When I use this full spectrum hemp oil, I can feel the difference between their products and hemp oil from other companies. Really, like I feel like my brain is lighting up! My anxiety and stress subsides, I sleep like a baby and my never ending thoughts that I can't quit just quietly disappear.

Anyone get the title reference? Haha. Recently I was age shamed for recognizing Enya's Orinoco Flow, so I thought I'd keep the music throwbacks going!

Say goodbye to hi(gh) and #GetSatiated!

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