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Jasmine Julep

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

As you might have already noticed, Living Libations is my most favorite for skin care! For instance, I haven't used soap on my face for about three years now and I only use their Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever! Besides my diet (of course), it has been a huge contribution to my skin health.

About seven years ago I quit using perfume. With hormone stresses everywhere I find myself, I avoid this one additional stressor (as much as I can). I do use essential oils (for date night) but that's about it.

However, I fully trust the conscious essential oil process from Living Libations and was interested in trying out some new scents. I have been using Jasmine Julep daily and I love it!!! I'm loving smelling wildflowers throughout the day--especially because I hardly ever get a whiff of these outside anymore! I have also diffused this and it's heavenly!

The good news? I smell great again (since I forget deodorant most days). Plus, Jasmine Julep is high vibe. #GetSatiated

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