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Purity Coffee: A True Review

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

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To truly try something, I jump right in. For example, I'll by a new honey by the gallon (without tasting it, which was only a bad idea once), cassava chips (ingredient-approved by me) by the box full, four pairs of new shoes from the same company to really try them out, and the list goes on. But, for the reasons of this post, I purchased a five pound bag of Purity Coffee.

I used to never drink coffee. However, I also used to never eat fat. Coffee started as a medium for me to get the good nutrients I personally needed (adding fats, immune support, and organs, among other things). Luckily, I was aware of mycotoxin contamination in coffee and am always on the look out for clean beans. Unfortunately, I don't know if I ingest moldy beans until about 3-4 hours later (in which I have a horrible headache, get sleepy, foggy, and sometimes a little tachycardia). This pretty much ruins my day. With clean beans, those symptoms are nonexistent.

With Purity Coffee, a health conscious coffee company, of course I did not experience any of the symptoms I listed above. However, there was a slight difference in drinking this coffee vs. other clean beans on my personal approval list, and I didn't expect it. Opposed to just not feeling foggy, after drinking purity coffee, I feel clear. I know that is a fine line of distinction, but I feel it and it's wonderful!

If you want to try this for yourself, head to their website and use code: satiatedblonde

(sorry for the messy background, I was in the middle of organizing my cabinets and spice rack when my delivery came and couldn't wait to share!)

I have to mention that the quality of water I use when making coffee is a factor as well. This is the filter I use (kind of like New York bagels--haha!). Be sure to follow up, let me know your thoughts, and as always, #GetSatiated!

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