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Kimchi Fried Rice: Leftover Style

Picture Credit: Glenn McManus

*Some links are affiliate links, some are not. I am not paid for promotions, I just like sharing what I do!

I wanted to share a dish with you that packs a nutritional punch, is quick, and easy! I don't have rice often, but if it was pre-cooked already, it'd make this dish even faster. It offers a nice umami flavor (it's a real taste, read all about it!) and I feel like I have happy soup belly after eating this dish! Not to mention, the fact that I make it at home has me confident there is no tricky MSG hiding (which will knock me out for hours)!

How it's done:

  • Cook 1c of rice according to directions on packaging. I prefer these two brands: this or this. Obviously, due to color, you can tell I used the latter in this dish. Oh, and instead of butter I added tallow--homemade from my parents' grass-fed cow! However, this is an option if you aren't making your own.

  • After I get the rice started, I sweat some onions and garlic in the cast iron skillet.

  • Then, because I got excited and bought a 10 lb. bag of organic carrots at Costco, I added about 6 carrots, roughly chopped.

  • The cooked rice goes in the cast Fe pan along with the onions, garlic, and carrots (can you tell I majored in chemistry?! haha).

  • I add a small squirt of non-msg amino acids. *note: I typically avoid soy, but this and fermented soy (some miso when making homemade ramen) is the only known source of soy I get in my diet at all.

  • For the protein option, I made a roasted chicken the day before and used the leftover meat (just pulled it and threw it in the pan with the rice), along with some leftover bacon from that morning. If I don't have pre-cooked meat available, I typically use grass-fed beef or bison and start cooking it right after the onions and garlic are done sweating in the same pan.

  • Then, I add an entire jar of Frieda's kimchi! I prefer the hot & spicy, but both of their varieties are great! They also offer tons of unique, seasonal produce, be sure to check them out! I add the kimchi last and just warm it slightly as I want to avoid denaturing the probiotic qualities of fermented foods in the cooking process.

Picture Credit: Glenn McManus

  • For added flavor (and nutritional value), I added a hefty sprinkle of one of my favorite whole food products, Sea Vegetables from Dr. Cowan's Garden! Dr. Cowan's has a great selection of powdered can see some of the fun ways I use their products here, here, and here (Yes, I have done a ton of posts on this company because I love them so much and their products are so versatile!).

  • Fresh cilantro and black sesame seeds top the dish and voila!

Who else has that nice soup belly feeling?! #GetSatiated

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