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Updated: May 18, 2020

Chemex & Hario V60 Drip Kettle "Buono" 120 are my favorite coffee appliances!

Okay, so I used to never be able to drink coffee because I would get a headache and have tachycardia. I have learned from Dave Asprey that this (for me anyways) is not caused by the caffeine, but by mycotoxins. If I have a clean coffee, I don't have any of the negative symptoms I listed above. Now, coffee is not for everyone, and I never thought I would be a coffee drinker. Can I go without it? Yes. However, I use it as a carrier for good fats, herbs, and protein! And I know Alisa Vitti frowns upon it, especially for women, but I have tried and will continue to find another medium that carries my nutrients as well as coffee does.

I wanted to share some brands that I can tolerate well:

1. Bulletproof (obviously, these beans are rigorously tested)

2. Portland Roasting Coffee-I love their organic house blend and single origin Guatemala

3. Limitless Coffee- I enjoy their light & dark roast. My hubby loves their cold brew too!

4. Counter Culture- any of the organic varieties

5. The Fresh Market (house brand)- single origin Guatemalan (NOT from the bulk bins)

6. Intelligentsia- any of these small batch coffees!

7. Purity Coffee- With these beans, I actually feel clear, not just "not foggy" (there's a difference!) USE CODE: SATIATEDBLONDE to save on your order.

8. Lifeboost- Mold tested, organic, and D.C. owned! Save 50% on your first order by using this link.

Absolutely in love with this hand-grinder. It's all I use...bought it at an antique store for my hubby's birthday!

Next on my list to try: Passion House Coffee Roasters. UPDATE: My hubby and I went to their retail location and it was delish!

Feel free to share any of your favorite brands! In the meantime, #GetSatiated.

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