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Get Satiated on Thrive Market

Have you heard about THRIVE MARKET? It’s a great online shop for wholesome foods and many other useful products. I was pleasantly surprised when I started my free 30-day membership trial and I hope you will be too if you decide to try it out!

What do I love on there? Where to begin! This is hard because I am a lover of many things, food being at the top of the list. A few of my super faves are:

1. ShapeShifter from Shaman Shack. I have almost all of the Shaman Shack products (but I haven’t tried them all yet, I’m working on it)! After a few weeks of using this one, my husband asked why I was using a weight-loss product and I said, “What are you talking about?” He said, “ShapeShifter…changing your shape…” I looked at him and he immediately started laughing. “You thought it was going to transform you into some mythological creature, didn’t you?” I have to admit, I hoped so! I told him, “I still like it, but I didn’t realize it supported weight management.” (I must have been mesmerized by the name and just didn’t finish reading the rest of the bottle, because there it is, loud and clear: “for maintaining weight.” I crack myself up sometimes! Aside from being good for you, it is delicious! I add it to my superfood coffee, which makes me feel balanced, and I love the adaptogenic support of astragalus that ShapeShifter provides. Now I add it to my protein shakes, too. This is perfect for my constitution as my spleen chi typically needs support (this knowledge is thanks to my favorite acupuncturist). Thrive Market is by far the least expensive place I have found the Shaman Shack products. Check them out!

2. Another great bargain on THRIVE MARKET is the TAZA Stone Ground Chocolate: Vanilla. My husband won’t find out quite how many I bought until he sees this post as I have them hidden away for special occasions (in other words, every day I feel like it). I was really surprised when they sent me two store displays inside my box. WOWeeee! I will share some, don’t worry, babe. This chocolate has a texture like no other, infused with organic vanilla beans. It is free of soy & dairy (the only kind of chocolate I will eat)…but it DOES contain traces of nuts, so unfortunately I couldn't share with my mom. It is my newest favorite chocolate, ethically sourced and genuinely delicious!

Pig artwork courtesy of Glenn McManus

3. Lastly, one of my favorite travel snacks are the EPIC Uncured Bacon Bites. I just took a roadtrip and these were a lifesaver! For one, it is next to impossible to find something acceptable to eat on the direct route you are traveling, like the interstate turnpike, for example. I can eat a lot of veggies, fruits, nuts, etcetera…but there comes a time when I need some solid meat or my blood sugar gets thrown off. These scrumptious pieces of protein love are satiating. I love that! So does everyone around me, if you know what I mean. I take these with me when I fly, too, because I have found there is rarely real food available in the airports (side note: have you ever had airport chicken? It’s all the same, ick!). I'm hopeful that it will get easier to find real food when traveling, but for now, these EPIC bites do the trick.

I hope you try out these wonderful products or find others that you fall in love with on the THRIVE MARKET, there are thousands more to discover! Do more than survive. Thrive on, up, in, all around. #GetSatiated

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