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1924 Soaps For Your Man (& More)

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Last year I wrote a whole post about how sometimes I just need real soap. Well, my husband definitely likes real soap (all the time, haha). Here are some of the recent items I picked up for him to try from 1924 Custom Soapery:

  • Patchouli Nag Champa - smells like classic patchouli, which has grown on me over the years.

  • Black Tea Cedarwood - this one smells intense, I think it has more of that 90's shaving cream smell that I like!

  • Birchwood Oud - this is nice and earthy, surprising smell!

  • Tobacco Bay Leaf - ever since I found out they made this variety, I have been wanting to smell it! It's by far my fave! They're all beautifully decorated, too, but the green in this one gets me!

He's still in the process of trying these all out, but I'll have to report back with his favorite!

Some other items:

I'd been waiting to try their relief stick, so I picked one up. It has a deep cinnamon flavor and is slightly warming on my skin. I like it on my sacral area after working in the yard!

The herbal lip lotion is spicy! It gives my lips a nice zing, but it's not too overwhelming, just mildly peppermint-y.

I also tried the coffee lotion bar - it melts so nicely, and has a subtle smell, not as "coffee-y" as I expected!

They also have a sun stick which I picked up justttt in case my hubby wants something for the summer -- the ingredients are so much better than something that can be picked up at the store (plus it's supporting a small family business)!

If you want to learn more about 1924 Custom Soapery, check out their Instagram stories! They're loaded with content and respond quickly to questions! As always, #GetSatiated.

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