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It's All Gravy

Here's a quick, funny story for you: in sixth grade I met my best girl friend. I remember we were at her house and hungry so we were looking through her pantry. I saw a jar, not recognizing what it was, so I picked it up and said, "What is this?"

"Gravy", she replied.

12 year old me: "WHAT? Gravy doesn't come in a jar."

Her: "Yes it does!"

Just completely flabbergasted, I called my parents to ask them if it was really true. Through their laughing, they confirmed, you can, indeed buy it in a jar.

I really couldn't believe it. It still seems weird to me. But, all that to say that I didn't learn how to make gravy on my own until this April (although I've still never eaten it from a jar). My dad is an awesome chef, and has a lot of patience with me (in general, but especially in the kitchen haha). I heard him mention he was making gravy to go with dinner so I ran over to the stove and asked him to show me how. A few minutes later, I knew how to make the best gravy!

I tried it myself a couple weeks later and made my own gravy from scratch. It was super easy and a great success--and has been every time since!


Here's how I did it:

  1. Start by making a roux. Heat fat to melt (I've used a combo of homemade rendered lard from making bacon, suet, and really just depends on what I have. I want to try it with duck fat when we cook our next duck, but you can even use butter).

  2. Once the fat starts to melt, I add in flour. You know I don't just use any flour! Most store-bought flours give me a reaction. The only kind I've found that I do well with is this 00 glyphosate tested flour.

  3. I don't have measurements because it's easier to go by feel/consistency...but I normally start with about three tablespoons of fat and add in about 3 heaping tablespoons of flour, adding more or less depending on how it looks, but basically I'm looking for a slurry consistency.

  4. I make sure to stir the whole time so it doesn't burn.

  5. Once I get the right consistency, I add in bone broth. Yesterday I made bone broth for the sole purpose of making gravy haha! I ladle it in, one scoop at a time, then I start whisking. This is when the magic happens and the gravy starts forming. It's so cool to see!

  6. Once you have the thickness you're looking for and the portion sizes needed, simply reduce heat and serve!

...and that's really it! Thanks, Papa!

Not sure about you, but I definitely feel like making gravy should be included in the list of basic life skills -- all I remember making in home ec. class were muffins.

Homemade gravy is more than just a Thanksgiving dish! It's nourishing and perfect for these colder months. It's so simple to make, did you already know how? If not, are you going to try? Let me know in the comments, it's gravy, baby! #GetSatiated

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