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I Have So Much __ __ __ __ To Give

Can you fill in the blank? What's something that can't be measured? It can be given freely. It resides in each of us. It costs nothing yet it can take up so much space. We all know. You probably read the title and inserted it unconsciously.

All that to say that there's no hiding this has been, is currently, a season of unreason. And although I don't understand, doesn't mean my love ceases. Honestly, it can only deepen.

Because it is a free resource, why would we...nay, how could we be jealous of love? Did you know heartbreak is a real thing? A real condition. I don't think it's a coincidence I recently finished Dr. Cowan's book, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, where I was reminded of this demolition. There is an inexplicable, Je ne sais quois with the heart. Honestly, with everything. When we think we have all the answers, we're at the primordial chapter. When Dr. Cowan talks about the ventricles of the heart creating vortices, all I could think was that the heart structures the blood. It does it in a mechanical fashion. But our blood, is also structured by another conductor. Emotion, love, is all God. And He is what allows that to happen.

I don't understand why there has to be breakdown before there can be breakthrough. But all that said, I will continue to pursue Jesus. I will pray for restructuring of my heart and yours.

Oh, and there's so much behind the scenes and screens of social media and online presence, but know that my love will not senesce. Also, if you read this and are convicted, know I did not write this to be contradicted. Love, my love, will never be constricted.

Reading this after I was through, it seems more like a Dear Diary entry, something I should review and not pursue. And although there are personal things I do not share, love, my love, for my family, for you, for humanity, and especially my love for Jesus, is one post that just cannot sit here. I have quite a few posts in queue that are unpublished, but this one must be established.

Maybe it's the full moon, maybe because it's going to be June (iykyk), but as Lydia Laird sings, "Hallelujah Even Here."

Pray. Love. Eat. That's the way. #GetSatiated

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