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Homemade Hair D'tangler

If you know me, you know I'm always experimenting. Sometimes it works out okay, sometimes it's not so good (which many of you reading this may have experienced this first hand haha), and other times, it is GREAT. This one, it's the latter.

I stopped doing my hair and wearing makeup on the regular years ago. But, even with that, brushing my hair was getting to be such a task. It took forever and I was losing a ton of hair (due to knots). Ultimately, I was brushing my hair approximately three times a week. And when I did it, it was an event, My hair is super straight, very fine, and thin. It will get knotty even from walking with it straight down. Now, I have some very special people in my life who have been telling me I needed to brush my hair more on the regular. So, I had to find a way to do this more manageably. You'd think that if I just did it every day it wouldn't be as bad, but it really was.

I started searching for homemade conditioners and came across detangler sprays and thought what a great idea! As per usual, I never quite follow any recipe as written. The one I came up with just so happens to be a mix of a couple ideas with my own twist. Oh, and the name is from my husband laughing at the way I pronounce "detangler!"

This works great in a small spray bottle!

Hair D'tangler Spray

Step 1: Rose water

  • Bring 1/4 cup organic rose petals in 1.5c structured & filtered water to a boil

  • Let simmer for 15 min

  • Cool and strain

Step 2: Marshmallow Mix

  • Measure 3tbsp marshmallow root powder into pot

  • Pour over Rose water mix from above

  • Bring to a boil and stir regularly

  • Once the rose water and marshmallow powder come to a boil, turn down to a simmer for 30 minutes

  • Stir regularly

Step 3: Strain & Bottle

  • Strain the marshmallow & rose water decoction

  • Let cool

  • Put in a spray bottle

  • I store the reserve (that doesn't fit in my bottle) in the fridge

I spray this hair d'tangler on wet hair after I get out of the shower and I have cut my hair brushing time in half! However, I've also used it on my hair dry and it was a much better experience than usual! Besides being easier to brush my hair, I love knowing that the ingredients are straightforward, AND I don't get a stickiness from the overspray on my skin (which I was pleasantly surprised by).

I wish I would have had this my whole life. For real! #GetSatiated

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