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Hibiscus Marmalade Tea

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You know I was on a marmalade streak there for awhile! For the past few winters I've enjoyed hibiscus tea with a teaspoon of marmalade - it's delicious! It's really that simple and I don't find it needs any other sweeteners due to the sweetness of the marmalade itself.

Honestly, this was in my drafts for awhile, but figured I'd go ahead and share it since I made so much marmalade, you probably wondered what I did with it all, haha! Since finding out orange peels are higher in oxalates, I haven't been doing this on a regular basis. But, as you may know, the low oxalate journey does not mean cutting out all oxalates full stop. Sally Norton shares more about this in her book.

What's your favorite way to enjoy marmalade? Tell me in the comments. Stay up to date with what I'm doing on my stories!

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