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Gourmet Finds: Part One

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No surprise, it's a hobby of mine to search unique, small batch, gourmet finds. Here's a list of some fun things my hubby and I have taste tested recently: our thoughts, how we used them, and if we'd get them again...along with a couple items I'm keeping my eye out to try for the next round!

Japanese Black Garlic - As a huge fan of black garlic...meaning I like it so much, eating it straight is my favorite...I was definitely intrigued by the idea of this syrup. And let me tell ya, it did not disappoint! This is now a staple in our fridge (and many people in my family as well who I made taste-test it, haha). It's a crowd pleaser for sure. It is really good right off the spoon, but I think it is stronger than when I eat an actual clove of the black garlic. It's delicious drizzled on sourdough, mixed in a salad dressing, as a marinade, and in soup. It adds a really good umami flavor.

Yuzu Marmalade - Of course, you know I'm a marmalade fan...but this yuzu is such a lovely unique flavor. Deliciously citrusy with a flavor I've never had before. It was so tasty in fact, I got lucky and found some organic, unwaxed yuzus and made my own. Since yuzus have a short season (and are kinda tricky to find), I love that I know where to get some all year long. As with most of the items here, it really is delicious on a charcuterie board--but also as a drink. I am going to share more details on how to make the yuzu drink in an upcoming post.

Calabrian Fig Syrup - Be warned: the bottle, although very cute, is MUCH smaller than I thought it'd be... not realizing product sizes before buying is a common issue for me so I am constantly surprised (sometimes for the better, sometimes not haha). This is a delicious syrup. I like mixing it with vinegar & salt for a quick, flavorful dressing. It's also really good off the spoon and drizzled on ice cream.

Wild Lowbush Blueberry Preserves - Surprisingly, this was the least sweet of all of the preserves we tried, but it was really tasty and goes well with jerky. Oh, and the lowbush berries are tiny compared to grocery store blueberries.

Regalis Wild Cloudberry Preserves - Of the three preserves, I was the most excited to try this one. I had heard of cloudberries on a Nordic cooking show, but honestly, that was the extent of it. All I knew was that it's supposed to be an extremely tart berry. And it is! At first, I almost psyched myself out of trying it because I really don't care much for the smell, but it tastes really good, and nothing at all like it smells!

Regalis Wild Evergreen Blackberry Preserves - Honestly, I only got this one because it was another from the Regalis family I came across on their site and thought I might as well try them all. And, I am SO glad I did. This is one of the best preserves I have ever tasted! It does have rather large seeds from the blackberries, but it is so flavorful, I don't even mind!

We've been enjoying these on charcuterie boards! Do you have a favorite accompaniment? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.



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