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Easy Homemade Chèvre

Updated: Feb 20

gently stirring the curds

*This is a sponsored post (I was sent the chèvre culture) & uses affiliate links (see disclaimer at bottom of the page). That being said, I only share about products that I use personally!

Have you ever wanted to make goat cheese at home? Cultures For Health has a chèvre kit that makes it so easy! Honestly, the hardest part was finding goat milk that wasn't ultra pasteurized! Read on to find out how simple it was (p.s. it is really easy, but it takes time, so I'm glad I planned ahead)!

Step 1: Pour in the goats milk (note, I cannot find raw goat milk near me, and I had to do some searching to find milk that was not ultra high pasteurized. The kind I ended up using after checking a couple stores was low vat pasteurized).

pouring goat milk in the pot

Step 2: I slowly (that's the key) heated it to 86 degrees F.

Step 3: Added in the culture packet.

adding the culture packet

Step 4: Stirred it in an up & down motion (just for a few seconds)

Step 5: Let it sit overnight & it formed a giant curd!

the giant cheese curd that formed!

Step 6: Separate the curds from the whey.

straining the curds from the whey

Step 7: Hang it up to dry overnight.

curds hanging up in cheese cloth

Step 8: Form it. I fed the leftover whey to my plants.

goat cheese on charcuterie board with my favorite crackers in the background

Step 9: Enjoy it! We used it in dinner that night in chèvre stuffed peppers.

I think this is a great intro goat cheese because it is so mild. I would prefer it a little more tangy & wild (haha, go figure) I need to look up how to make it like that...but it was delicious, nonetheless.

I made some stuffed peppers the next night for dinner and they were delicious!

Check out all the other ferments they have here if you're interested in making your own cheese, sour cream, buttermilk, sourdough, etc! Share with me how it turns out in the comments. As always, #GetSatiated.

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