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Alternative Ways I Use The Popular Mitolife Products

*affiliate links & codes used.

I have found several ways I like to use MitoLife products, and wanted to share them with all of you! When you get to the homepage, click Shop>Wellness to find the products discussed. However, check out the category, "Living" for his new grounding product!

- PANACEA - these are pure shiliajit tablets from the Siberian Mountains in Russia. I much prefer the compressed tablet vs. the resin form. Alternative use: my plants love shilajit! I crush it up in a mortar & pestle (but can also mash it between two spoons) and swirl in a half gallon of room temperature water and feed it to my plants.

- PUFA Protect (Vitamin E) - I pierce and squeeze out about a half a capsule in each balm, magnesium tallow whip, and sugar scrub I make to help preserve it. It has worked really well so far and I love how the texture of it mixes in so easily.

- Dissolve-It-All - I enjoy small batch apothecary products, but also love experimenting on my own! I like using this in a mask face peel for weekend skin. It's just a quick mix of a piece of my aloe plant with one capsule of these enzymes and voila! I only leave it on for 5-10 minutes. (Check out this proteolytic enzyme mask study: )

- Probiotic & Endotoxin Reducer - I don't use hand sanitizers, but I do wash my hands. I prefer having this brand of hand soap (code: SATIATEDBLONDE), but sometimes, especially when visiting somewhere new, that is not an option. I created this hand mask to topically apply probiotics. It's not nearly the same as my own microbiome, but it's something. To make this microbiome mitt mask, I coat each hand with one capsule and let sit for five minutes (that's the hardest part) & then I rinse off with just water (no soap)!

- Purely K - About once a month I make an eye cream with one capsule of Purely K and 1 tsp of grassfed tallow. I lightly heat the tallow on a double burner and add the full capsule. I let it cool to just under room temp (right before it turns solid) and add a few layers around my eyes. I am careful not to get any in my eye! I let it sit for 10 minutes and use a warm wash cloth to rinse it off (check out this article for context).

I hope you enjoy these alternative ways I have found to use Matt's products! Please use my affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE on checkout (saves 15%).

Please note, what I describe is just what I do. As always, #GetSatiated.



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