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A Matcha Made in Heaven

I have been searching far and wide, being mostly disappointed by the matchas I've met. Luckily, after many bitter tastings (and I love bitter, but not the bitter aftertaste of a poor quality matcha), I have found the matcha I'll enjoy for the rest of my life!

Why did I want to find a matcha that met my standards? I am aware of the potential benefits, from supporting cardiovascular & metabolic health to its neuroprotective qualities, insulin resistance, dermatological effects, how it reduces anxiety, and dun dun dun: that it is chemopreventive. That means, anti-cancer, which is specifically related to the polyphenol Epigallocatechin Gallate (aka EGCG).

Something you may or may not be familiar with by name are PCB's, aka polychlorinated biphenyls. They are a widespread environmental pollutant that can be detected in human blood and tissues. Now I know I'm throwing a lot of abbreviations your way, but EGCG also protects against PCB's getting absorbed in the body.

Oh, and check out this article on how EGCG can benefit reproductive health caused by heavy metals like lead (Pb).

So, now you can see why it was something I needed to have in my lifestyle arsenal!

The matcha I fell in love with is mountain-grown and is higher in antioxidants than others on the market. The company has a revolutionary technology to preserve the tea so when it arrives at my door, it is in the most bioavailable form!

How do I use it? I take it mostly in the afternoons, and depending on the day I have mixed it in to cold, hot, & room temperature water. Stir, and voila! I like it every way, but during these hot summer days, icy cold has been my preference! I shake it in a martini shaker with ice, pour into a glass, and it's perfect!

What's your favorite way to enjoy this drink? Have you had this matcha made in heaven?! Save with code: SATIATEDBLONDE. As always, #GetSatiated.

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