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A Daffodil is a Daffodil is a Daffodil

Not true! I never knew there were SO many different varieties of spring flowers in general, but have been amazed by how many different daffodils and tulips sprung this spring. My neighbor has a bountiful garden and says that the flowers are meant to be enjoyed. When we catch each other out at the same time, I end up going home with a giant bouquet. At least twenty is the minimum!

It’s been wonderful to have so many fresh flowers on the table this early in the season. And my eyes have been opened to all the different types of daffodils (and tulips)--just from what I have come across this spring. Look at this double fisted bouquet! The fluffy yellow ones are called ‘Tahiti’ and they smell exactly how you'd want springtime to smell.

Now, let’s talk tulips. There has been such a wide array of these in the neighborhood this year, too. I think they were always there, but I just never fully noticed before. Look at these beauties!

ABOVE: I still don't think you can quite tell how big this bloom is, but it's bigger than a breakfast bowl!

Do you pick your springtime flowers? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! #getsatiated

Photo Credits: McManus Media

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