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A Stranger in the Alps Latte

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

My hubby got me a bottle of Genepy Des Alpes for Christmas. If you follow my Instagram stories, you may have seen a holiday cocktail contest we had recently, and the winning creation was a Genepy cocktail we called A Stranger in the Alps, so today we're making A Stranger in the Alps Latte! After my adventure snowshoeing, he thought it'd be the perfect warming drink, just like they'd have after skiing in Switzerland!

Genepy is an herbaceous liquor with a balanced sweetness, traditionally imbibed in the ski lodges of the Alps. The secret ingredient is a rare type of artemisia, aka wormwood, that grows in a particular region there. Here's how we used it:

Ingredients & Directions:

  1. Pour the Genepy in the bottom of your empty mug and swirl (like an absinthe rinse in cocktails!)

  2. Slowly pull the espresso into the mug so it incorporates with the Genepy gradually

  3. Froth the milk and pour over top

  4. Stir and cheers!

Coffee beans are Purity Coffee-- use code: SATIATEDBLONDE to save!

*The ROK is a mechanical espresso maker that is so easy to clean (so you don't have to worry about a weird build up). I bought ours as a birthday present for my hubby about six years ago. It is still good as new and we use it regularly!

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