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2018 Ultimate Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I decided to do my gift guide a little different this year, more inclusive. I think these are awesome things for everyone; the foodie, the adventurer, the health conscious, and so many more! Click on the images and links below to purchase quickly:

Dr. Cowan's Garden products- I love everything I have tried so far: chaga nuggets, leek powder, horseradish powder. But if I had to pick one favorite, the beet powder would be it! You can check out the various ways I have used it in the kitchen here, and another post perfect for holiday desserts soon! Purchase through Dr. Cowan's website and USE CODE: SATIATEDBLONDE to save.

Real Mushrooms- I love all of the varieties they offer. They mix up perfectly in my coffee and I love being assured that it is a REAL mushroom product, not fake stuff grown on grain. Check my Instagram on 11.26.18 to enter a giveaway with Real Mushrooms!

Purity Coffee- Pictured is Kion coffee which is available on Amazon and is "powered by Purity." I like to buy mine in 5# bags available here. USE CODE: SATIATEDBLONDE on checkout to save more (when purchased on Purity's website!)

Living Libations- I use The Best Skin Ever SeaBuckthorn everyday. I wash and moisturize my face with it. I love no longer spending tons of money on (or relying upon) face lotions. This stuff is amazing!

Somnifix- If you know me, you know how I love having a gift of the year. Friends and family, if you're reading this (thank you!) you have a heads up of what you might find in a little wrapped package this year! Haha! This is a fancy way of mouthtaping to prevent mouth breathing while sleeping. I notice I sleep heavier and my mouth and teeth don't get dry when I tape. Sounds weird? It is, but guess what? We are supposed to keep our mouths closed when sleeping...this just helps!

Energybits- I have shared about these for years. A great travel companion to get my greens on the go. They are cleanly sourced and I think even tasty for chewing (but not everyone agrees). Don't worry, they recommend swallowing them. Check out their website for potential health benefits. USE CODE: GETSATIATED to save!

Collagen- Collagen helps my nails and hair grow like crazy! Right now, my hair is the longest it has ever been and my nails don't break like they used to. This is so easy to add into my coffee to get some extra protein...and so many other recipes! I don't notice a flavor with the beef or marine, by the way! USE CODE: satiatedblonde10 to save!

Stand up paddle board- This is the same board I have, just a newer version. I absolutely love it! This is one of my summertime hobbies. It is so relaxing!

French Press- Ahhh, the french press! My most common method of coffee brewing. It is fast, tasty, and so easy to use. I also use this to make cold brew and sometimes for loose leaf tea too!

Snow Shoes- I got a pair of these last year and was so bummed it didn't snow enough to try them out. I am going to make sure I do this year! Cross country skiing just isn't for me.

Freeze dried ginger juice- As much as I love fresh ginger root, I was finding my grocery store purchase to mold way too quickly. Once trying this powder, I don't have to worry about getting potentially mold infested ginger root! This powder helps support my immune system and calms my stomach when needed. It is also great in curry mixes, salad dressings, and is just warming in general on chilly days.

Lera Lynn CD- My hubby and I heard her live at the Cactus Cafe in Austin. We love her folk-y songs.

Defendershield Headphones- EMF free headphones. I travel with these guys everywhere!

EMF Apron/blanket- I am highly sensitive to EMF and am bombarded daily. This is on my wish list to help decrease my exposure.

Biodynamic olive oil- I have recently made some great salad dressings using this tasty olive oil. It is divine and love that the olives are hand-picked.

Tulsi tea- This holy basil tea is my tea of the year. I love it hot and cold, such a subtle flavor. I have introduced so many to it this year already!

Himalayan Salt Lamp- I love having this on by my bedside instead of using my lamp in the evenings. I love the warm glow, negative ions, and I don't need to wear my blue blockers when this is on!

Stasher Bags- This was my gift of the year last year. I love these silicone reusable bags. I use them for the fridge or freezer and throw them in the dishwasher to clean. I have dramatically reduced my plastic consumption with these!

Joov Red Light- This is on my Christmas list this year. There are so many benefits of red light therapy, I can't wait!

Sous Vide- I got my hubby a sous vide last year and it has made some delicious dinners! You have to plan ahead a little, but it is so easy. By the way, this is not a bluetooth enabled sous vide. There are a lot of those out there, but I just cannot have my food directly bombarded with bluetooth vibes. I like the older models.

Renegade Beauty- This book is full of optimal health information, written in a poetic voice. I enjoyed reading it poolside this summer!

Yeti Cooler- My hubby surprised me with a Yeti for my birthday. Let me tell you, it has been a great gift! We are sure to bring it with us to the farmer's market every week and it is so nice that we can go do something else directly after, without having anxiety about our meat going bad! It really keeps stuff cold--even transporting ice cream for 8 hours. There's nothing like it!

mBreakfast- If you're looking for the ultimate superfood mix, you've found it! So great mixed in coffee or smoothies.

Tongue scraper- This was my gift of the year about two years ago. I think everyone needs one of these. My mouth feels like I just went to the dentist after using this. A great stocking stuffer idea?!

Long stem wine glass- Channeling my inner Olivia Pope. I love this glass, whether I'm drinking wine, kombucha, or sparkling water out of it!

Glass water bottle- The Lifefactory bottles are so durable--I have dropped mine several times with good luck. I love that it is made out of glass, and see-through so I can be sure it is getting thoroughly cleaned.

Plants- These aren't just any plants. These are specific air-cleansing plants on NASA's list!

Blue blocking glasses- I have the tortoise shell Swannies, but they have a few other styles. I use these to take precaution and protect my pineal gland and help keep my circadian rhythm in balance.

Ionic toothbrush- Just as I don't want bluetooth streaming through my food, I don't want it in my mouth! I have had this toothbrush for two years and absolutely love it. The heads are super easy to change.

Rebounder- The Bellicon rebounder has helped get my lymph flowing!

Organic hoodies- Pact has organic hoodies for men and women, undies, socks, tanks, and so much more.

Rok Espresso Maker- I thought my husband was crazy when he wanted this espresso maker about 5 years ago, but I have to say I have probably used it more than him! It is fast, quiet, and easy to clean.

Acupressure mat- I use this to help destress and help with circulation. It is invigorating and relaxing at the same time!

Slackline- Experimenting with slacklines is on my checklist of things to do!

Cookbook- I love the forest-to-table approach of this foraging cookbook.

Air Fryer- This takes the poor oils out of the equation while still making food crispy.

Squatty Potty- About 8 years ago I bought everyone I knew a squatty potty. It takes the bathroom experience to a whole new level!

Square Ice cube maker- These silicone molds are perfect for big cubes in your scotch, whiskey, mezcal, or whatever you prefer.

Dry Brush- Dry brushing helps support my lymph system, helps with my dry skin, and helps my circulation. I love adding this into my daily routine.

InstantPot- Cook meals fast...much faster than a crockpot.

Charger cord- My hubby bought this for me as a gift and I didn't realize how much I would appreciate it. My previous cords had exposed wires and were super short. This is so much safer for me and the long cord makes it so much more accessible.

Chameleon- I first played this when family visited and we had a blast! Such a unique different game, fun if everyone knows each other or to help break the ice.

Deodorant- On days when I wear deodorant (like date night lol), this is what I choose. I prefer the mens.

Meat- Can you ever go wrong with grass fed steak? Yum!

Dutch oven- I am in love with this Staub dish--the color, the rooster, the shape, all of it!

Portable charger- You should check the specs on this charger. It is bigger than I expected but so convenient.

Restore- I think vitamins and supplements are perfect gifts to give. I have been using Restore for years now to help support my leaky gut and protect me from glyphosate.

PBS tee- I love PBS. Enough said.

Do you have any must have gift ideas? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

As Always, #GetSatiated.

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